Biomim'expo 8th edition, the major event for biomimicry and solutions based on the intelligence of living organisms, will take place on 11 and 12 JUNE 2024, ... just 6 weeks before the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games!

As a wink, but also to get away from an anthropocentric approach to performance, and regain a little humility, the idea is as follows:

What if we invited an extra team to Paris 2024? ... the Living Team!

with its delegation of biodiversity athletes,

To see who will be on the podium! And to learn from these other incredible champions!

Living things are stronger than we are! The "NATURE CHAMPIONNE & INSPIRANTE" operation will have fun putting humans and the rest of the living world on the same starting line to reveal new records and other champions!

An original and unique idea to invite a delegation of living athletes into the stadium, to amaze and draw attention to the exceptional performance of the biodiversity that surrounds us.

And so that we don't stop at simple - but incredible - sporting comparisons, this special exhibition will continue with many astonishing and varied examples of innovations inspired by Life. The aim is to raise awareness of biodiversity as a model for innovation through the philosophy and approach of biomimicry. The first 7 editions of Biomim'expo have demonstrated the power of education and the reawakening of interest brought about by the stories of bio-inspiration, by this idea of taking living things as a model. This quirky campaign is in the same spirit, surprising, raising awareness and commanding respect for these other extraordinary (everyday) athletes.

1 exhibition in 2 parts


The athletes of life surpass us in speed, skill, power and agility... they are champions in every category, every day, and far from the spotlight!

Man can be very modest and full of respect for these extraordinary performers with incredible abilities.


This exceptional Nature is not only the champion of the podium, it is above all our best model of performance, excellence and resilience, the essential ally of our future.

Through "biomimicry", let's protect and draw inspiration from living things to reinvent a sustainable world of shared prosperity for humanity and all life.

An operation that will open up the Biomim'expo event to other audiences and media, and bring a new dimension to the event. original lighting on Sport and the Environment.

Partners and sponsors are invited to join in. The operation could be decline in poster, digital and audiovisual formats, depending on the resources and energy of the parties involved, and will go beyond the mere framework and duration of the event.

It's a great way to take advantage of exceptional sports news, and to keep up with the latest trends. associate strong messages, and invite your teams to take part via an in-house exhibition and conference.

A scientific committee (researchers, institutions and associations) will form the editorial team and enrich the content to make it a campaign that is both fun and educational.

From top-level sportspeoplethe operation's sponsors, will be paying tribute to their "nature competitors", describing their performances and talking about their relationship with life and nature.

Researchers, entrepreneurs, companies and start-ups will be exhibiting their equipment and services. innovations inspired by the living world showroom biomimicry.

Get involved and take part in the 4x counterparty relay

Sponsoring partner of an exhibition-event at Biomim'expo at the Parc Floral de Paris.

Associated and mentioned on the media and social network campaign.

The possibility of special operations:
- the temporary exhibition on your site
- internal communication campaign to raise awareness
- customised versions of the visuals

The Biomim'Scope conference for your teams is a great way to reveal the power of inspiring Nature and the benefits of teaming up with living things.

=> The concept and how you can get involved: flipbook :

Nature is above all a champion of collective

This is the true team spirit of the living world, the team is the biotope! No individual performance without a healthy ecosystem.

The NATURE CHAMPIONNE & INSPIRANTE operation and Biomim'expo are proposing to combine 2 remarkable initiatives to give them a spotlight during the operation. Two regenerative projects, one terrestrial and one marine, will be given space to express their views during the Olympic Games and two exhibition spaces during Biomim'expo. The Francis Hallé association aims to restore a primary forest in Western Europe, while Corail Artefact, led by Jérémy Gobé, aims to combine art, science, industry and education to save the coral reefs.

Nature is the champion of resilience

3.8 billion years of resilience and continuous adaptation! Nature is our best model for the future, inspiring a new generation of innovations through biomimicry. Biomim'expo is the reference event that presents all the actors of this new approach and a wide range of concrete examples of innovation and discovery. Conferences, participative workshops, exhibitors' showrooms, sensory experiences, meetings with authors, demonstrations ... a unique meeting as a journey to rediscover the brilliant and inspiring nature.

Contact the organisation to join the Nature Champion and Inspirer campaign.