Laure Couteau is an aeronautical engineer, with a specialization in mechanics. Laure graduated in 2010 and joined Airbus as a calculation engineer in 2011 (to work on the A380 fuselage, then on the engine attachments of several programs).
Taking advantage of an individual training leave, Laure resumed her studies in 2015 to work in the environmental field and to follow the specialised Master's degree in "environmental engineering and management" given by the Ecole des Mines de Paris. It was in this context that Laure Couteau joined the R&D and Innovation Department of RTE to work on the deployment of the eco-design approach in support of life cycle analysis. It was also at this time that contact was made with CEEBIOS, in particular to follow the training course on biomimicry, given both at the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle and in Senlis. Laure Couteau is now back at Airbus (since 2017) to work on the subject of eco-design, and in particular to manage the environmental analyses carried out internally.


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