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An innovative bio-inspired universal oxygen carrier at the heart of the battle against the Covid-19

The first universal oxygen carrier for therapeutic purposes, at the heart of the battle against Covid-19.

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The Hemarina technology platform is based on the particularities of the purified haemoglobin of areca worms, Arenicola marina. Its structure is comparable to that of human haemoglobin, but it differs in :

  • its extra-cellular nature (it is not contained in a red blood cell), and therefore universal (compatible with all blood types)
  • its ability to bind 40 times more oxygen than human haemoglobin
  • its particularly small size: 250 times smaller that the human red blood cell

Hemarina is a biopharmaceutical laboratory specialises in the development of health products based on its proprietary technology platform (M101), which is based on the haemoglobin properties of the arenicolous marine worm. A spin-off of the CNRS and Sorbonne University (Paris VI), Hemarina was created in 2007 in the North Finistère region of France.
Convinced of the potential of the natural biopolymer resulting from 450 million years of evolution as an innovative therapeutic option to address pathologies for which there are significant unmet medical needs today, Franck Zal decided to create his company based on fifteen years of fundamental research.

Major innovation compared to all other HBOCs (Hemoglobin-Based Oxygen Carrier) that have been developed to date, Hemarina's technology, unique in the world, is based on the only naturally extracellular high molecular weight haemoglobin, operating over a wide temperature range (4°C to 37°C) and requiring no cofactor to release oxygen.
Furthermore, one of the key advantages of this technology is the absence of vasoconstrictive and hypertensive effects as observed with first and second generation HBOCs manufactured from animal (bovine or porcine) or human haemoglobin.

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Franck Zal's speech at Biomim'expo 2016 (first edition) :

The board Biomim'review :

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Hemarina SA
Aeropole centre
Tel: +33 (0)2 98 88 14 02

Franck Zal on LinkedIn

Hemarina on Twitter


RespectOcean, The network of actors committed to sustainable economic development in favour of the ocean.

RespectOcean is a network initiated in 2013 by Raphaëla le Gouvello and then attached to her association Odyssée du Vent.

Between 2013 and 2016, with her own funding and the support of the Brittany Region and the Engie Foundation, Raphaëla le Gouvello mobilised nearly 10 members and partners, and led a dozen regional and international meetings, thus highlighting the actions of the network's organisations and bringing out innovative solutions for the blue economy.

After an administrative and financial support by two other structures between 2016 and 2018, Raphaëla le Gouvello creates with some historical members of the network, the RespectOcean association in September 2018, in order to professionalise and develop the existing network and make it a recognised association of economic actors committed to the protection of the oceans.

The RespectOcean network is based on the following actions:

  • The identification and promotion of good practices and innovations members of the association,
  • The co-authoring, review and acceptance of a common commitment charter of all its members,
  • A support for its members in their journey towards sustainable development, through networking, exchange, education and the pooling of resources,
  • A website to make the network concrete, to keep it alive and animated, to make it known, and opening it up to other maritime stakeholders public research bodies, government departments, associations, personalities, etc.
  • Concertation actions, meetings, workshops, around the issues, and towards other actors.
  • Conference interventions, communication actions, relaying the approach undertaken by RespectOcean and the concrete actions of its members.
  • Multi-stakeholder dialogue by building partnerships with other actors involved in sustainable development actions.
  • A representation of its members



Aurélie Dubois
General Delegate RespectOcean


EDIXIA AUTOMATION has been the specialist in machine vision for over 35 years. The strength of our company is that we were in the digital business before anyone else! Today, we offer a wide range of products for surface inspection by vision. Innovation is the rhythm of our daily life!

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Gilles Wackenheim, President Edixia Automation




Polymaris Biotechnology is a biotechnology company founded in April 2008 by Anthony Courtois and Bertrand Thollas, who are convinced of the untapped riches of the ocean.

Polymaris has developed a solid and unique expertise in the research, characterisation and valorisation of innovative marine biomolecules, in particular bacterial exopolysaccharides.

These natural and biodegradable biomolecules are produced from a private and original collection of microorganisms taken from the immense marine biodiversity during numerous oceanographic campaigns.

Multidisciplinarity is a strength for Polymaris as it makes it a unique company responding to customised needs in the development and commercialisation of innovative marine biopolymers.

Since October 2011, Polymaris has been approved for the Research Tax Credit by the Ministry of Research.

The portrait page in the Biomim'BOOK 2021 :

Quoted in the Maddyness dossier: OceanTech, a promising field shunned by investors.

"We produce biodegradable sugars and plastics points out Anthony Courtois, President of Polymaris, who stresses that "marine biodiversity is greater than that of the terrestrial ecosystem . The leader believes that the company has "Generating a collection of microorganisms suitable for future industrial use . And there's plenty to do: the markets are varied, from cosmetics to medical devices to phytosanitary products. The startup, which was born in the Ifremer laboratories in Brest where its co-founders did their doctorate, says it did not need to raise funds to finance itself because it is making "of the turnover since the beginning of its activity".. However, the sector's own funding issues also resonate with her. "We could use financial partners to outsource certain activities. says Anthony Courtois, according to whom he "We need to trust small structures more"..



We provide onshore and offshore solutions to protect the oceans from plastic pollution. Join us and be part of the change!

Founded in 2016 by the French-Swiss sailor and explorer Yvan Bourgnon, the NGO The SeaCleaners offers concrete solutions against plastic pollution, both at sea and on land, through corrective and preventive missions.

An Observer Member of the UN Environment Programme and supported by the Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the CCI France International network, The SeaCleaners has four missions:

- Environmental protection with the collection of floating waste and the collection of waste on land with its teams of volunteers;

- Education and pedagogy, with the development of awareness-raising actions for the impacted populations, the general public and decision-makers;

- Scientific research ;

- Promoting the transition to the circular economy.

The SeaCleaners is developing a pioneering solution for the collection and recovery of floating plastic waste: the Manta, an innovative vessel equipped with an on-board factory, which will be launched in 2024. This giant of the seas will be the first ocean-going vessel capable of collecting and treating floating ocean waste en masse before it breaks up and penetrates the marine ecosystem in the long term.

A real technological challenge, the Manta will be powered by a combination of several renewable energy technologies to minimise its carbon footprint.

Speech by Yannick Lerat, Oceanographer, Scientific Director of The SeaCleaners, at the Biomim'expo digital week in 2020
Speech by Yvan Bourgnon, sailor, adventurer, environmentalist; president and founder of The SeaCleaners, at Biomim'expo 2019

What is the issue of plastic pollution?

Any reflection on our future leads us to the ocean! This is where life originated, where the survival of humanity is at stake. It regulates the Earth's temperature, absorbs CO2It is the most important source of oxygen in the world and provides half of the world's population with vital resources.

But today, the ocean is threatened by our excesses. Before our very eyes, it is warming up, becoming depopulated and becoming "plasticised". Every minute, 15 tonnes of plastic waste are dumped into the oceans, the equivalent of a garbage truck load... that's 10 to 12 million tonnes every year. If we do not react, by 2050 they will contain more plastic than fish.

This shows how urgent it is to act now!

At The SeaCleaners, we believe that only through coordinated action, and the joint efforts of all those involved, can the major issue of plastic pollution be addressed in a sustainable manner.

While waiting for the battles on land to bear fruit, we are convinced that fundraising at sea can create a virtuous circle: it can produce concrete, rapid and visible results, which in turn help to raise awareness and mobilise public authorities, companies, communities and citizens.

Our vision for the preservation of the oceans is global and planetary in scope. Its strength is measured in the long term: it consists of integrating economic, societal, human, educational and scientific perspectives in a dynamic of solidarity.

Our sponsors

The full list of forty+ supporting companies is available at our website

A flagship project: the Manta

The SeaCleaners is developing a pioneering solution for the collection and recovery of floating plastic waste: the Manta, an innovative vessel equipped with an on-board factory, which will be launched in 2024. This giant of the seas will be the first ocean-going vessel capable of collecting and treating floating ocean waste en masse before it breaks up and penetrates the marine ecosystem in the long term.

A real technological challenge, the Manta will be powered by a combination of several renewable energy technologies to minimise its carbon footprint.

With its hybrid propulsion, the Manta will have the mobility to move quickly to river mouths and estuaries, where plastic waste is still concentrated by winds and currents and has not yet begun to break down or drift out to the 'plastic continents'.

It will also be able to intervene rapidly anywhere in the world, following a natural disaster (hurricane, tsunami, etc.) in areas of dense pollution, to collect floating macro-waste before it sinks to the bottom of the sea.

A waste-to-energy unit will be installed on board to convert the collected waste into electricity and will be complemented by recovery and treatment solutions. Indeed, some waste will be integrated into circular economy loops on land. Visits to these installations will be organised so that local political, industrial and economic players can discover these technological solutions and appropriate them in order to combat their own pollution problems.

To improve knowledge and strengthen pollution prevention, a scientific laboratory on board will allow the scientific team to geolocate, quantify and characterise waste during collection campaigns.


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Instagram : @theseacleaners / @yvanbourgnon


Valérie Amant



The company Reizhan supports the ecological and economic transition of territories and actors, based on the living economy.

"Let's go back to observing life to understand it, to be inspired by it, to innovate and to integrate ourselves into its functioning. The principles have been constant for billions of years: cooperate in diversity to ensure creativity, efficiency and adaptability."



Patrice Valantin Manager

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