An innovative bio-inspired universal oxygen carrier at the heart of the battle against the Covid-19

The first universal oxygen carrier for therapeutic purposes, at the heart of the battle against Covid-19.

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The Hemarina technology platform is based on the particularities of the purified haemoglobin of areca worms, Arenicola marina. Its structure is comparable to that of human haemoglobin, but it differs in :

  • its extra-cellular nature (it is not contained in a red blood cell), and therefore universal (compatible with all blood types)
  • its ability to bind 40 times more oxygen than human haemoglobin
  • its particularly small size: 250 times smaller that the human red blood cell

Hemarina is a biopharmaceutical laboratory specialises in the development of health products based on its proprietary technology platform (M101), which is based on the haemoglobin properties of the arenicolous marine worm. A spin-off of the CNRS and Sorbonne University (Paris VI), Hemarina was created in 2007 in the North Finistère region of France.
Convinced of the potential of the natural biopolymer resulting from 450 million years of evolution as an innovative therapeutic option to address pathologies for which there are significant unmet medical needs today, Franck Zal decided to create his company based on fifteen years of fundamental research.

Major innovation compared to all other HBOCs (Hemoglobin-Based Oxygen Carrier) that have been developed to date, Hemarina's technology, unique in the world, is based on the only naturally extracellular high molecular weight haemoglobin, operating over a wide temperature range (4°C to 37°C) and requiring no cofactor to release oxygen.
Furthermore, one of the key advantages of this technology is the absence of vasoconstrictive and hypertensive effects as observed with first and second generation HBOCs manufactured from animal (bovine or porcine) or human haemoglobin.

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Hemarina SA
Aeropole centre
Tel: +33 (0)2 98 88 14 02

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