Mibelle Biochemistry designs and develops unique, high-quality active ingredients for the cosmetics industry, based on natural substances and high scientific expertise.

This independent business unit within the Mibelle Group was founded in 1995 by Dr Fred Zülli in Buchs, Switzerland.

In a short period of time, Mibelle Biochemistry has built an excellent reputation worldwide as a creator of innovative active ingredient concepts and a true expert in the fields of biotechnology and biochemistry. Its wide range of active ingredients is available in over 50 countries worldwide.

Our slogan "Inspired by nature - Realized by science" reflects our philosophy.

Our experts transform natural plant compounds into bioactive cosmetic ingredients. Our R&D team uses encapsulation technologies that guarantee optimal bioavailability and thus ensure maximum effectiveness of the active ingredients.

Commitment to sustainable development is at the heart of our business and continues to grow.

Visio-Conference Biomim'SCOPE, BIOMIMÉTISME ... & COSMÉTIQUE - Review of trends, news and prospects, and presentation of the latest bio-inspired innovations by Mibelle. With Vincent Briffaut, Sales Director France, and Stéphane Poigny, R&D Director France, Mibelle Biochemistry France.


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Sales Director France

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Tel +33 1 73 06 23 43

AMSILK, the spider silk

AMSilk produces and distributes increasing volumes of high-quality silk biopolymers for use in textile products, medical devices and cosmetics.
One of the most amazing and revolutionary bio-inspired innovation. Now available with a wide range of applications : footwear, apparel, technical textiles, fashion, automotive, aviation ...
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AXOLOTL, the regenerative animal

The axolotl is a Mexican salamander with an incredible ability: cut its leg off, and the limb will grow right back! How it does this and why humans can't is still a bit of a mystery.

HARVARD University, San Diego, University of California, Irvine ... many researchers illustrate how axolotls can grow a third limb via wounding and grafting of neighboring cells. They are studying these amphibians to understand the underlying mechanisms for their miraculous regenerative powers.


Latest research, press review and perspectives.

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The AlgoSource group, a recognised world expert in microalgae, offers a complete range of services from production engineering to the industrial valorisation of microalgae. Its unique know-how covers all the processes involved in the production and transformation of microalgae and provides an integrated vision for its industrial clients.

AlgoSource is developing 4 main areas for its industrial clients and consumers:

  • Production of microalgae in controlled systems (photobioreactors)
  • Biorefinery engineering (custom extraction of molecules)
  • Production and sale of natural products "made in France" (see our Alpha Biotech shop)
  • Integrated system design (design of photobioreactors from 1 litre to several m3)

Olivier Lépine's speech at Biomim'expo 2018:

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L'Echos de la presqu'île / 25 FEB 2019 / Saint-Nazaire: With its micro-algae, Algo Source is thinking bigger

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OUEST FRANCE / 24 JAN 2019 / Agriculture. The algae breeding start-up sees life in green in Saint-Nazaire

OUEST FRANCE / 17 APR 2018 / In Saint-Nazaire, micro-algae could make the port greener

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The shrimp with scanner eyes ...

Among the many research projects conducted at the University of Queensland in Australia, those of Professor Justin Marshall are of particular interest to us. It concerns the faculties of the 'famous' mantis shrimp or 'multicoloured squid' (Odontodactylus scyllarus). An animal with Herculean strength, it is found in the Indian Ocean and in the western part of the Pacific Ocean.

Studied for the manufacture of ultra-resistant materials, this mantis shrimp is also the subject of interest to researchers for its amazing eyes. These are composed of ommatidia, which are themselves made up of photoreceptor cells with fine cell extensions, microvilli, that can filter polarised light. Polarised light is light that vibrates in one direction only. Filtering it makes it possible to better detect contrasts (think of the filters on cameras or sunglasses), but also... cancers! Cancers reflect polarised light differently than healthy tissue.

This property inspired Justin Marshall and his colleagues at the University of Queensland in Australia to build a camera that detects tumours, something our visual system is normally unable to do. Here, the camera converts images that are invisible to us into colours that we can perceive.

Videos :

The board Biomim'review :


Releases :

QUEENSLAND UNIVERSITY / 5 DEC 2014 / Nature's elegant and efficient vision systems can detect cancer


GENT SIDE / 23 MAY 2019 / The mantis shrimp, a crustacean with a completely unique visual perception

HUFFPOST / 29 SEP 2014 / Cancer detection at a glance? Scientists reproduce the eyes of the mantis shrimp, which can do this

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SCIENCE AND FUTURE / 03 JUL 2014 / See life in UV, like the mantis shrimp

FUTURA TECH / 31 OCT 2009 / Will the squilla, a marine crustacean, help to read DVDs better?


Professor Justin Marshall

Professorial Research Fellow

Queensland Brain Institute

 +61 7 336 51397


CorWave develops innovative implantable cardiac pumps based on a breakthrough technology: the undulating membrane.

The CorWave corrugated membrane offers a novel approach in cardiac assist to provide true pulsatile blood flow.

CorWave is a fast-growing medical device company that develops novel cardiac assist pumps to provide reliable and sustainable solution to the major public health issue ofheart failure. The solutions developed by CorWave, which are truly physiological, will ensure better life to patients.

Founded in 2011 by the incubator MD Start and supported by renowned investors, CorWave has obtained over €35 million in funding and employs more than 50 employees.

CorWave has won numerous awards and competitions. In 2016 CorWave won phase 1 of the Global Innovation Contest (GIC) for the NovaPulse project. In 2017, this project also won phase 2 of the CMI competition. The same year, CorWave received the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Biotech of the Future award, and in 2018 received support for the Calypso programme under the Programme d'Investissements d'Avenir (PIA) operated by Bpifrance.

Videos :

News and press review :

L'USINE NOUVELLE / 14 APR 2018 / CorWave develops innovative cardiac assist technology

LA TRIBUNE / 14 MAY 2019 / Public Choice Award 2018, CorWave accelerates towards clinical trials

CHALLENGES / 08 NOV 2016 / CorWave, an exciting fundraising

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M2i Life Sciences is an industrial player in the chemical industry, active in the animal and plant bio-control sector as well as in the field of human health. Biocontrol is the set of biological protection methods that replicate intra-species behaviours and natural mechanisms of regulation of bio-aggressors.

M2i Life Sciences is a world leader in pheromones for crop protection and animal health.

We master :

  • The synthesis of pheromonal molecules
  • The production of these pheromones from gram to ton
  • The formulation of these pheromones and the delivery systems
  • Design and production of finished products

We combine R&D know-how, a production plant and a manufacturing centre for finished products, which allows us to control the entire product development cycle and to integrate innovation at every stage of its design.

The intervention of Johann Fournil at Biomim'expo 2019 :

The board Biomim'review :

Releases :

ActuLot / 27 JUNE 2020 / In Parnac, M2i launches a unique production for biological crop protection

INFO CHEMISTRY / 31 MAR 2020 / Exclusive interview with Philippe Guerret, President of M2i Life Sciences

The Tribune / 09 SEP 2019 / M2i, French biocontrol expert, raises €60 million

USINE NOUVELLE / 03 SEP 2019 / M2i Life Sciences raises €60 million to support its strong growth in AgTech

Chemistry News / 04 SEP 2019 / Biocontrol: French company M2i raises €60 million

L'USINE NOUVELLE / 5 NOV 2019 / M2i Life Sciences named Start-up of the Year 2019 by L'Usine Nouvelle



  • M2i Life Sciences
    1, rue royale
    112 Hill Offices Building G1 - Ground Floor 1
    92 213 Saint-Cloud Cedex
  • tel-icon+33 1 85 74 09 29