Polymaris Biotechnology is a biotechnology company founded in April 2008 by Anthony Courtois and Bertrand Thollas, who are convinced of the untapped riches of the ocean.

Polymaris has developed a solid and unique expertise in the research, characterisation and valorisation of innovative marine biomolecules, in particular bacterial exopolysaccharides.

These natural and biodegradable biomolecules are produced from a private and original collection of microorganisms taken from the immense marine biodiversity during numerous oceanographic campaigns.

Multidisciplinarity is a strength for Polymaris as it makes it a unique company responding to customised needs in the development and commercialisation of innovative marine biopolymers.

Since October 2011, Polymaris has been approved for the Research Tax Credit by the Ministry of Research.

The portrait page in the Biomim'BOOK 2021 :

Quoted in the Maddyness dossier: OceanTech, a promising field shunned by investors.

"We produce biodegradable sugars and plastics points out Anthony Courtois, President of Polymaris, who stresses that "marine biodiversity is greater than that of the terrestrial ecosystem . The leader believes that the company has "Generating a collection of microorganisms suitable for future industrial use . And there's plenty to do: the markets are varied, from cosmetics to medical devices to phytosanitary products. The startup, which was born in the Ifremer laboratories in Brest where its co-founders did their doctorate, says it did not need to raise funds to finance itself because it is making "of the turnover since the beginning of its activity".. However, the sector's own funding issues also resonate with her. "We could use financial partners to outsource certain activities. says Anthony Courtois, according to whom he "We need to trust small structures more"..


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