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Antifouling paints, without exception, try to prevent the growth of mussels, algae and other organisms through the toxic substances they contain. Apart from the chemical aspects and their environmental implications, these methods are not effective: The paints do not usually last long, and their antifouling effect is diminished when the boat is in port. While the water is intentionally polluted by the toxic substances that seep into it.

Finsulate® has proven that it is possible to have an effective antifouling. Much more practical and cleaner!

Today, conventional antifoulings are trying to prevent marine growth by use of toxic ingredients in the paint. Always with the same effect: short period of performance and the vessel needs a certain speed and continuous movement.

Finsulate shows there is a simpler and safer solution, leaving paints behind!

Finsulate products are suitable for all circumstances worldwide, whether you are moored or sailing. That's what we call: Antifouling Reinvented! Finsulate is a self-adhesive film and not a paint. The film or "wrap" is applied to the hull of the vessel.

Blue Innov is establishing the Finsulate Antifouling brand in France. Created in the Netherlands, Finsulate is an innovative antifouling offering an economical and ecological alternative. Finsulate is an adhesive composed of nylon fibres that prevent the colonisation of marine organisms. The advantages of choosing Finsulate antifouling are many:

◊ At least 5 years of effectiveness

◊ Profitability from the 2nd year

◊ Fuel savings as the boat hull stays clean longer.

◊ Easy and clean application

◊ Marine organisms are preserved and kept away from the hull

◊ Finsulate contains no solvents

◊ No discharge into nature, it is fully recyclable.

◊ As effective in salt water as in fresh water

Awards: 2014 TOP 100 innovation in the Netherlands - 2018: Product of the Year at the HISWA boat show Amsterdam.

 Nantes. Protecting the sea and the hull of ships

Winner of the European Inventor Award 2019



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