MEA PLANT's innovation concerns hydroponic growing processes.

MEA PLANT has been working for 5 years to optimise the very principles of soilless culture. Inspired by the management of morning dew in the structure of the spider's web, MEA PLANT has developed and validated a cultivation process on a new type of substrate that allows water to be retained without absorbing it! The innovation opens the door to a radical design simplification for soilless growing approaches.

With the current challenges posed by urban agriculture and short circuits, this innovation is likely to accelerate the adoption of hydroponics, which is currently difficult to address in the constrained spaces of cities.

MEA PLANT is supported by :

  • A researcher in oncology who diversified her research for the needs of agriculture in the Ligurian region (San Remo, Genoa)
  • An engineer specialising in concrete who developed the prototype installations that allowed the concept to be validated on an experimental farm in San Remo.
  • A spider, which by cohabiting with them in the same garden, provided them with the key to a significant evolution in water management in soilless culture.

The portrait page in the Biomim'BOOK 2019 :


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