XTU is an award-winning architecture and design firm founded in 2000 by principal architects Anouk Legendre and Nicolas Desmazieres. Located in Paris, France, XTU specializes primarily in academic and environmental research in addition to residential and cultural buildings.

The portfolio of the firm displays several museum projects beginning with the Jeongkok Museum in South Korea followed by the Museum of Civilizations on Reunion Island and the Cite du Vin Museum in Bordeaux. The firm is also responsible for the French Pavilion at the Milan Expo in 2015. In these projects, XTU explores complex geometries with the integration of parametric design. A free and organic approach encourages the use of a wooden structure synchronized in 3D.

Convinced that living organisms will be the biotechnology revolution of tomorrow, XTU engages its innovative research on the themes of bio-inspired and photosynthetic architecture. In addition to these innovations, XTU also develops biofacades for cultivating plankton species on the exteriors of buildings and creating new architectural ecosystems.

The portrait page in the Biomim'BOOK 2021 :

Construction21 / FEB 2021 / PARISBLOOM: microalgae on the facade of buildings

The PARISBLOOM project, developed by the XTU architectural firm, specialises in urban algae cultivation and innovates with the development of a biofaçade system combining nature and technology. Its objective is to develop the microalgae sector in the urban environment while improving the energy performance of the building. Interview with Anouk Legendre, architect and leader of the PARISBLOOM project, finalist for the Grand Prix for Sustainable Construction and Living Environment Innovation organised by the Technopôle Domolandes.

Anouk Legendre: " We are looking for partners to develop the market for seaweed for food and medicinal purposes, and for the construction of other buildings" .




Anouk Legendre & Nicolas Desmazères

Marie Caulier, marie.caulier@x-tu.com

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