UP' is the news magazine for innovation and changing times, aiming to shed light on scientific, technological, economic, environmental and societal challenges, as well as cultural and artistic ones, in the spirit of constructive journalism: "Curiosity is our driving force; knowledge is our value. Our role: to clarify the complexity".

How does the digital revolution, digital technology and hyper-information impact our lives? How can we identify the strong or weak signals of the changes in our hyper-connected era? How can we understand the nature of these changes, the issues at stake and their prospects? Without any pretension of wanting to provide solutions to problems that are often badly posed, our magazine wishes to formulate the right questions: those that can set in motion concrete actions, levers for the transformation of our societies. The magazine of changing times.

To better understand the challenges of today's and tomorrow's world, it is the daily fruit of a wide range of information, reports and interviews on the innovation sector; it is a tool for strategic reflection and foresight addressed to all fans of innovation, observers, users or national and international public and private players. UP' is in line with the principle of the foresight methodology of the present: "Tomorrow will not be like yesterday. It will be new and will depend on us. It is less to be discovered than to be invented" said Gaston Berger.

UP' adopts the principle of optimism, striving to recognise initiatives that work, to accompany the "silent transformations" cherished by François Jullien and to promote forward-looking approaches at the service of people and not the market.

UP' was created in 2011 by Fabienne Marion who is the editor-in-chief. Since its inception, UP' Magazine has been the vitalizer of a particularly active ecosystem and the defender of creative and constructive innovation. It wishes to provide new keys to analysis at the crossroads of environmental, sociological and economic changes, new technologies, social alternatives, etc., which have become real challenges for today's man and the generations to come.

This independent magazine, apolitical in nature but open to the expression of a variety of opinions, aims to be a place where ideas, information, methods and initiatives from the four corners of these ecosystems can come together.

For innovation that sounds good, at the service of people.




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