About Maddyness:

Launched almost a decade ago, Maddyness has become the reference magazine for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Since 2012, Maddyness has found a place of choice in the French entrepreneurial ecosystem. Maddyness has become a must-read for entrepreneurs, finance, media, new technologies and innovation players, delivering quality information to more than 600,000 readers every month.

Inspiration, advice, news, surveys, but also practical information and tools, the media for startups and innovation is for everyone, whether they are beginners or experts. Our readers create, invent, manage, buy, sell, manage, invest and recruit for and out of a love of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Looking to the future, driven by the desire to make our country and French entrepreneurship shine as much as to transform our world towards a better future, our community is between 30 and 45 years old (for 66% of it), is over-educated (91% of Bac+5, 28% more than Bac+5) and is also the one who employs the most in France. Beyond its information role, Maddyness wishes to open a window on the future of companies and society as a whole by giving a foretaste of what our lives will be like tomorrow. Want to join the movement?




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