ALPHANOV is the New Aquitaine Technology Resource Centre specialising in optics and photonics.

We have been developing surface functionalization processes based on the fabrication of bio-inspired nanostructures by laser machining and texturing for several years. We are able to modify the surfaces of various materials (metals, plastics, glasses, crystals) to modify their optical reflectivity properties (from black to a holographic effect), bio-contamination, wettability or to improve their tribological performance.

Technological support :

From setting up collaborative projects to technological support for company creation, ALPhANOV assists you in your industrial projects.

Thanks to close relationships with research laboratories (LOMA, CELIA, LP2N, IMS, Trèfle, XLIM ...) and local photonic companies, ALPhANOV is involved throughout the innovation process:

  • Setting up collaborative projects: search for academic or industrial partners, consortium organisation, financial engineering.
  • Industrialization : ALPhANOV provides its partners with engineering skills to help them in the design and production phases of industrial products.
  • Starting a business : ALPhANOV provides entrepreneurs with a professional and technological environment in which to share ideas and solutions, validate concepts and develop prototypes.

ALPhANOV works in perfect synergy with other regional and national industrial development support actors:

  • the ALPHA - Route des Lasers & des Hyperfréquences competitiveness cluster;
  • Aquitaine's technology parks, which provide strategic support for business creation, in particular Bordeaux Unitec;
  • the SEML Route des Lasers capable of meeting the real estate needs specific to the sector;
  • Aquitaine Science Transfert is responsible for technology transfer between laboratories and industry;
  • the ministry of research ;
  • Bpifrance;
  • the Regional Council of New Aquitaine and all the local authorities involved in the financing of industrial projects.





Adv Tech was founded in 2012. We develop new rotor technologies, based on trochoidal motion. These technologies can be applied to thrusters, wind turbines and tidal turbines, with exceptional advantages.

Everyone in the company has their own speciality and specific skills, but we are all focused on a common goal: to make high-efficiency propulsion and renewable energies cheaper, safer and easier to promote.

Press releases :

20 MINUTES / 03 FEB 2020 / Bordeaux: The start-up ADV-Tech experiments with a unique urban wind turbine

ADV-Tech has just signed a partnership with Bordeaux Métropole Energies to test an urban wind turbine whose revolutionary technology allows for very high efficiency, without the blades making the slightest noise.

BOATS.COM /16 OCT 2019 / ADV Tech: a revolutionary propeller to replace the propeller?

Could the new biomimetic rotor developed by ADV Tech replace our good old propellers in the same way that propellers replaced paddle wheels? This question was asked after a demonstration on the water of a floating drone equipped with this new propulsion system.

ENGIE INNOVATION / 03 JUL 2017 / ADV Tech's revolutionary wind turbine

... more



ADV Tech, Esplanade des Arts et Métiers, 33400 TALENCE

Arnaud Curutchet, Founder





With Scale, we are creating a new generation of materials that are biodegradable, bio-sourced and non-harmful.


A material made entirely from fish scales.

SCALITE® - a contraction of "scale" and the suffix "lite" (lithos, stone in Greek) - is a material designed on the basis of fish scales, a co-product of the fishing industry that is abundant, renewable and little used.

The portrait page in the Biomim'BOOK 2021 :



09 72 66 84 26


The research flow of this chair is on the exploration and exploitation of marine compounds, materials and biomimetics to face current problematic societal issues related to human health and marine environment. Lowering the devastating impact of the emerging pollutants in the marine environment is a major challenge in the 21st century. 

Oceans are an extraordinary and unexploited source of natural compounds with specific and very interesting biological, physicochemical and structural properties. Although very promising, a considerable amount of these compounds are still scarcely exploited. In this context, this chair focuses on the blue and red biotechnologies by:

  • establishing methodologies for the extraction of biomolecules (including biopolymers) from marine products and by-products pointing their processing as porous structures, films, hydrogels, solutions and (nano)composite materials;
  • looking into particular features and phenomena of marine animals and plants as inspiration for the design and development of bio-inspired and functional (bio)materials targeting cosmetic, medical and packaging applications.

Once developed, most of these materials will be used by humans or/and in contact with marine environment. Thus, the impact of these new materials and/or their metabolites on human health as well as on the aquatic media will also be addressed.

To develop this 5-year chair, we are a motivated and multidisciplinary team composed by the PI, 3 post-doctoral researchers and 4 PhD students in close collaboration with national and international academic researchers as well as industrial and institutional partners.

The portrait page in the Biomim'BOOK 2019 :




Susana Fernandes

06 98 74 49 06





The portrait page in the Biomim'BOOK 2021 :

Speech by Delphine Mathou, Ocean Economy Officer and Head of the Innovation Unit, at Biomim'expo digital week 2020
GRAND ANGLE interview with Laurent Billon, Master Bio-inspired Materials ; Coordinator of the ITN EJD Project eSCALED ; Deputy director of IPREM UMR 5254, during the Biomim'expo digital week 2020
Michel Veunac and Laurent Billon's speech at Biomim'expo 2018

Technopole Pays Basque :

The Manta Chair

The Blue Challenge:

Website of the Basque Country Agglomeration Community

Website of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region

Contact Pays Basque Agglomeration Community :

Armelle RONCIN

06 09 54 53 95



Biocontrol is the set of methods for protecting crops against pathogens by using natural organisms and/or substances.

The story: two long-time friends, a researcher and an agronomist, committed and experienced, with complementary profiles, founded Immunrise Biocontrol, a French and independent company which emanates from the Institute of Biology of the Ecole Normale Supérieure (IBENS, Paris). Their objective is to identify and develop non-GMO solutions drawn from nature to ensure the protection of our crops. The principle is to identify marine micro-organisms capable of either stimulating the natural defences of plants or acting directly on pathogens, limiting the development of disease on plants. Immunrise Biocontrol will therefore make it possible to improve the yield and quality of cultivated plants while reducing the use of synthetic pesticides.

Videos :

France 2 - Journal 13H le 28/01/2017

A young company in Bordeaux has discovered a microscopic algae that could be an alternative to pesticides. It is sometimes used in New Aquitaine in vineyards.

France 2 - 1pm news on 17/09/2017

Treating vines with algae instead of pesticides is the discovery of a young Bordeaux company. The first tests have proved conclusive.

ECOMNEWS - January 2017

Immunrise Biocontrol, based in Pessac, has discovered a micro-algae that produces molecules with promising bio-pesticidal properties. Interview with Laurent De Crasto, CEO of Immunrise and Alain Rousset, President of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, during his visit to the start-up on 13 January.

Other releases :

Vitisphere / July 2019 / The new formulation of Immunrise is proving its worth in the vineyard

France Inter Algae: an alternative to pesticides?

Le Figaro A Bordeaux-based company discovers a promising bio-pesticide algae

Laurent de Crasto, co-founder of IMMUNRISE

Laurent de Crasto is an agricultural engineer specialising in viticulture and graduated from Sup Agro Montpellier. He worked at the Institut National de l'Origine et de la Qualité in Paris before co-founding two innovative industrial companies based in Bordeaux:

  • WIT France in 2007, specialised in small volume wine packaging (15 employees, €2m turnover in 2016)
  • In 2011, he co-founded VDLV (90 employees, €8m turnover in 2018) which develops E-liquids based on natural flavours, a leading company on the French market.

In 2012, he became a member and treasurer of Innovin, the New Aquitaine cluster for wine innovation.

In 2015, he created with Lionel Navarro the company ImmunizationImmunrise, specialised in the research and development of biotechnological solutions. In 2016, Immunrise's biocontrol subsidiary was created in Pessac, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of France, and focuses its research on marine microorganisms to treat plants.  

Immunrise aims to develop innovative biocontrol solutions for crop protection. The conceptual approach initiated by its founders at the time of its creation is to identify marine microorganisms of agronomic interest. This simple and direct approach required long and tedious research and selection of microorganism strains, which were carried out by Dr Navarro's laboratory, of which Immunrise is the spin-off.




Laurent de CrastoCEO, Co-founder

218 Avenue du Haut Lévêque, 33600 Pessac



UP' is the news magazine for innovation and changing times, aiming to shed light on scientific, technological, economic, environmental and societal challenges, as well as cultural and artistic ones, in the spirit of constructive journalism: "Curiosity is our driving force; knowledge is our value. Our role: to clarify the complexity".

How does the digital revolution, digital technology and hyper-information impact our lives? How can we identify the strong or weak signals of the changes in our hyper-connected era? How can we understand the nature of these changes, the issues at stake and their prospects? Without any pretension of wanting to provide solutions to problems that are often badly posed, our magazine wishes to formulate the right questions: those that can set in motion concrete actions, levers for the transformation of our societies. The magazine of changing times.

To better understand the challenges of today's and tomorrow's world, it is the daily fruit of a wide range of information, reports and interviews on the innovation sector; it is a tool for strategic reflection and foresight addressed to all fans of innovation, observers, users or national and international public and private players. UP' is in line with the principle of the foresight methodology of the present: "Tomorrow will not be like yesterday. It will be new and will depend on us. It is less to be discovered than to be invented" said Gaston Berger.

UP' adopts the principle of optimism, striving to recognise initiatives that work, to accompany the "silent transformations" cherished by François Jullien and to promote forward-looking approaches at the service of people and not the market.

UP' was created in 2011 by Fabienne Marion who is the editor-in-chief. Since its inception, UP' Magazine has been the vitalizer of a particularly active ecosystem and the defender of creative and constructive innovation. It wishes to provide new keys to analysis at the crossroads of environmental, sociological and economic changes, new technologies, social alternatives, etc., which have become real challenges for today's man and the generations to come.

This independent magazine, apolitical in nature but open to the expression of a variety of opinions, aims to be a place where ideas, information, methods and initiatives from the four corners of these ecosystems can come together.

For innovation that sounds good, at the service of people.