Concerned about human mobility, EXONEO aims to improve the response to disability in developing countries through a variety of anatomical* solutions.

To do this, our team of biomechanical engineers is inspired by human anatomy to recreate solutions that relieve a deficient joint or replace a missing limb. The analysis of human movement allows us to design products that function as closely as possible to a natural limb.

Exoneo has already designed two initial products based on biomimicry: a polyarticulated foot prosthesis and an energy-returning knee orthosis.

* Derived from biomimicry and applied to anatomy, anatomimicry is a technique based on the study of the different structures of a living being in order to reproduce them in mechanics.




Constance, Souillat, Communications Officer, constance@exoneo.eu
Guillaume Moguez, Founder & CEO, guillaume@exoneo.eu

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