The artificial coloniser in the deep environment.
An underwater nursery that will be immersed in the Mediterranean Sea by the Ifremer Nautile in spring 2020.
A collective project, supported by :
  • Christian Tamburini, M I OHDR CNRS, scientific project leader
  • Jacques Rougerie, Jacques Rougerie Foundation
  • Olivier Bocquet, Tangram Architects and Tangram Lab
  • TREEX and the Jacques Rougerie Foundation have produced the design of the colonizer
  • Guillaume Terrasse, VICAT
  • and Amaury Thomas, SOLIQUID, for 3D printing

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The Alveolar Density Variation Structures, inspired by living organisms, make it possible to save material, thus weight, CO2, waste, etc.

MODULATIO' has formed partnerships with industrialists in all sectors to help them develop frugal solutions (in terms of raw materials, energy, CO2, weight, waste, etc.), inspired by a strategy that has been developed by living organisms for millions of years: Density Varying Alveolar Structures.

Whether in the aeronautical, medical, electronic, automotive and other fields, the Modulatio' process has many industrial applications: lightening of critical parts, optimisation of mechanical strength, saving of expensive materials, assembly of dissimilar materials, thermal dissipation, vibration absorption, dissipation of kinetic energy...and more to come.

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Romuald VIGIER, Director General.

06 25 54 33 08


"Dassault Systèmes provides companies and people with 3DEXPERIENCE universes that enable them to imagine sustainable innovations that harmonize products, nature and life "

Bernard Charlès
Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, Director General

At Dassault Systèmes, our mission is to empower companies and individuals to harmonize product, nature and life. This requirement is at the heart of our business. Through the creation of the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab, innovators from around the world are invited to join us on this mission. By combining the dream of entrepreneurs with the innovation experience of Dassault Systèmes across all industry sectors, we have a unique opportunity to take a different look at the world and work together to transform it. That's why we focus on a wide range of projects aimed at creating new experiences that positively affect society.

The positioning and services of the 3DEXPERIENCE Labs are unique in that they provide accelerated start-ups with access to an extensive Dassault Systèmes ecosystem on a global scale.



Géraldine GANDVEAU

3DExperienceLabMarketing & Communication Manager



Reconciling human activities and the preservation of marine ecosystems.

Coastal development and overexploitation of fisheries resources have upset the balance of marine ecosystems.

The environmental consequences are numerous and sometimes irreversible:

  • fall in marine biodiversity,
  • destruction of key ecosystems (coral reefs, mangroves, sea grass beds, etc.),
  • loss of essential ecological functions (nursery, reproduction, etc.),
  • reduction in ecosystem services (marine resources, erosion control and flood risk).

Climate change is making these already fragile environments even more vulnerable and the challenge of a more harmonious cohabitation of man and the sea is more relevant than ever.

Seaboost contributes to meeting this challenge by innovating every day in order to deploy concrete and operational solutions to reconcile human activities and marine biodiversity.

Julien Dalle's presentation at the Biomim'expo digital week 2020

Other videos on the channel Seaboost Youtube

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Seaboost's participation in the exhibition "Ocean, an unusual dive at National Museum of Natural History in Paris.



Contacts :

Martin Perrot, COO,

Julien Dalle, Project Manager in ecological engineering,

Matthieu Lapinski, Marine biologist - Aquatic ecological engineering and artificial reefs


AddUp offers its customers industrial metal 3D printing solutions around a global offer organised in 3 poles:

  1. The design and manufacture of machineryThis is the first time that the company has been able to offer a complete range of products, from powder management to the finished part, and to integrate them into a complete production workshop,
  2. AddUp Start services to get you startedindustrialization of your products including re-design of parts up to POC (Proof of Concept) printing.
    Segmented by industry, AddUp Start guarantees you dedicated support for your sector.
  3. AddUp Think : Training and consulting to support you at every stage

Already recognized in the field of industrial additive manufacturing through the two founding companies Fives and Michelin, AddUp's offer is distinguished by its industrial approach adapted to the projects of each client.

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Jean-Luc Laval,


Concerned about human mobility, EXONEO aims to improve the response to disability in developing countries through a variety of anatomical* solutions.

To do this, our team of biomechanical engineers is inspired by human anatomy to recreate solutions that relieve a deficient joint or replace a missing limb. The analysis of human movement allows us to design products that function as closely as possible to a natural limb.

Exoneo has already designed two initial products based on biomimicry: a polyarticulated foot prosthesis and an energy-returning knee orthosis.

* Derived from biomimicry and applied to anatomy, anatomimicry is a technique based on the study of the different structures of a living being in order to reproduce them in mechanics.




Constance, Souillat, Communications Officer,
Guillaume Moguez, Founder & CEO,