AMSILK, the spider silk

AMSilk produces and distributes increasing volumes of high-quality silk biopolymers for use in textile products, medical devices and cosmetics.
One of the most amazing and revolutionary bio-inspired innovation. Now available with a wide range of applications : footwear, apparel, technical textiles, fashion, automotive, aviation ...
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Biomim'expo is a NewCorp Conseil initiative, brand and event.

NewCorp Conseil, a strategy and communication, CSR and Biomimicry consultancy, took the initiative of creating Biomim'expo to promote biomimicry, to reveal the players and the sector of excellence, and to promote research and innovation.

A HYBRID agency At the crossroads of different paths and expertise, we are both a monitoring and forecasting firm to keep an eye on trends, ideas and innovative approaches; a strategy and communication consultancy to enhance and amplify your commitments, actions and projects; and a societal forecasting agency to analyse opinion, identify weak signals, measure expectations and perceptions, anticipate, understand and respond.

A BIO-INSPIREE agencyThis is a new approach based on the lessons learned from the observation of living organisms and their tremendous capacity for resilience. Drawing inspiration from the living world thus becomes an asset and a lever for innovation and paradigm change, a tool for transition accelerator.

NewCorp Conseil has taken the initiative to create Biomim'expo; it identifies news and market opportunities, helps to identify opportunities, accompanies innovative projects, and puts biomimicry at the service of your innovation and development strategies, as well as internal mobilisation and attractiveness. The agency works in symbiosis with the core expertise of biomimicry, sets up multidisciplinary and creative teams adapted to the projects, and positions and proposes itself as a "particle shaker" to generate new ideas.

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The NewCorp/Biomim'expo team:

For the Biomim'Challenge :

  • Mia TahanENSCi Les Ateliers trainee at NewCorp Conseil / Biomim'expo,

Art Direction :

  • Florence Garinot, artistic direction
  • Charlotte Domergue, graphic designer

In collaboration with Ceebios:

  • Kalina RaskinGeneral Director of Ceebios
  • Laura MagroDeputy Director for Scientific Development
  • Luce-Marie PetitMaterials Officer
  • Dounia DemsBio-inspired Chemistry and Materials Engineer
  • Estelle CruzHousing Officer
  • Chloé LequetteBiomimetic City Project Manager
  • Anneline Létarddesigner, in charge of design
  • Hugo BachellierTraining Officer and Interregional Facilitator

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At a time when consumers are demanding more environmentally friendly products
the environment, it is time to find alternatives to

Eleplant processes organic plant materials. Our
innovations are aimed at markets in the field of
non-food: candles, repellents, home fragrances. Our
approach: build a simple and serious offer through products
intelligent and responsible, directly inspired by nature.



Sandrine Dancette,


Aryballe combines biochemical sensors, advanced optics, and machine learning in a single objective solution to collect, display and analyze odor data so companies can make better decisions.our digital nose relies on biosensors selected by our R&D team to mimick at best human olfaction. Digital olfaction made by Aryballe is a combination of biotech, nanosciences, IT and cognitive sciences.

Similar to our sense of smell, digital olfaction mimics the process by which our brains identify and differentiate between odors by capturing odor signatures for display and analysis via software solutions.

Applications :

  • Automotive
  • Consumer appliances
  • Food and Beverage
  • Personal care and cosmetics

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The technology :

Press releases :

BLOOMBERG / 9 JUL 2019 / Leader in Digital Olfaction Aryballe Secures €6.2 Million in Funding to Fuel Innovation and Commercialization of Its Category

THE DIGITAL FACTORY / 13 JUN 2016 / Aryballe Technologies raises €3.1 million to industrialise its universal electronic nose

LA TRIBUNE / 11 JAN 2018 / Aryballe technologies, the good smell of innovation

FRANCE 3 / 15 OCT 2014 / A Grenoble start-up, Aryballe Technologies, has developed an electronic nose for those who have lost their sense of smell

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Founder & co-CEO



Almost 40 years ago, we planted the first seed of organic gardening...
Since then, we have cultivated it with passion and commitment through gardening books, the magazine Les 4 Saisons du jardin bio and ecological gardens in the Alps.
We have also invested in the fields of food and health, well-being and the ecological home.

  • Practical books for living ecologically in everyday life
  • A magazine, Les 4 Saisons du jardin bio
  • An ecological centre for practice, experimentation and transmission

Some figures

  • 340,000 books sold in 2016 - Available on our website, in bookshops and organic shops
  • 30,000 subscribers to the 4 Seasons of the Organic Garden magazine - On sale in our e-shop, organic shops and kiosks
  • 28 employees
  • 90% of employees are partners in the Scop

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Héléna Amalric,


The company eti o'ri manufactures and reinvents flip-flops, sandals and accessories known as "beach" and "travel" to make them environmentally friendly.

Eti o'ri is based on a new creative concept that combines the use of a bio-sourced material made from algae, certified biodegradable/compostable and an innovative design based on biomimicry.

Eti o'ri works in close collaboration with the Enzyme&Co Collective, specialists in the design of objects inspired by nature and in the study of the cycle and end of life of objects.

Eti o'ri implements unique solutions to reduce waste and pollution in the environment.

All eti o'ri products are designed and manufactured in France.




Nathalie Anton



PING is a golf equipment brand based in Phoenix, Arizona. It was founded by Karsten Solheim.

An engineer at General Electric, Solheim began making his own putters in his garage in Redwood City, California, in 1959. Due to the growing demand for his putters, he resigned from his position at General Electric in 1967 to expand his company. PING currently produces clubs in every category: drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons and putters.

A few years ago a photograph of a dragonfly taken by President John A. Solheim inspired one of the innovations of the "G" Golf Driver, which the engineers called "Dragonfly Technology".

Mimicking the complex structure of the dragonfly's wing, the exoskeleton-like crown of the club has become ultra thin, ultra light and very strong at the same time. The aerodynamic clubhead has been "lightened" by 8g and the centre of gravity is now lower and further back than on a standard driver.

The designers created a flexible and consistent driver that allows the ball to be hit farther and with more accuracy. And thanks to Vortec Technology, which helps stabilise turbulent airflow through the clubhead, the engineers have reduced impact resistance by 37%.

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Curiosity led Zipp engineers to study the fins of humpback whales when developing the Zipp 454 NSW wheels

Zipp engineers had a radical idea: to design a wheel that is not quite round... at least in its inner diameter, where the spokes are attached. They thought that carbon lugs could improve stability and aerodynamic efficiency.

This premise has become a reality in the form of the new 454 NSW carbon clincher wheel, with its Sawtooth™ rim profile featuring Hyperfoil™ lugs and Hexfin™ indentations.

After a series of unsuccessful attempts to incorporate wavy shapes into bicycle wheels, Zipp development engineer David Morse began to discover the words 'tubers' and 'biomimicry' and to study them in the context of Zipp engineering.
While researching waveforms and fluid dynamics, David Morse came across academic work reporting the effect of tubercles on the fins of humpback whales. The introduction to an article in the journal Integrative and Comparative Biology stated: "Humpback whales have highly mobile wing-like fins for lateral tilting and turning. The large, rounded tubercles on the edge of the flippers are unique morphological structures in nature.

After 4 years of development, 252 hours in the wind tunnel and 35 rim prototypes, Zipp engineers discovered the shape that would become known as the Sawtooth™ technology of the 454 NSW wheel. Thus was born a wheelset with aerodynamic efficiency and crosswind stability far superior to conventionally shaped wheels, the most innovative and efficient wheel Zipp has ever designed in its 28-year history.












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