PING is a golf equipment brand based in Phoenix, Arizona. It was founded by Karsten Solheim.

An engineer at General Electric, Solheim began making his own putters in his garage in Redwood City, California, in 1959. Due to the growing demand for his putters, he resigned from his position at General Electric in 1967 to expand his company. PING currently produces clubs in every category: drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons and putters.

A few years ago a photograph of a dragonfly taken by President John A. Solheim inspired one of the innovations of the "G" Golf Driver, which the engineers called "Dragonfly Technology".

Mimicking the complex structure of the dragonfly's wing, the exoskeleton-like crown of the club has become ultra thin, ultra light and very strong at the same time. The aerodynamic clubhead has been "lightened" by 8g and the centre of gravity is now lower and further back than on a standard driver.

The designers created a flexible and consistent driver that allows the ball to be hit farther and with more accuracy. And thanks to Vortec Technology, which helps stabilise turbulent airflow through the clubhead, the engineers have reduced impact resistance by 37%.

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