Gilles Lecuir - Speaker 2019

Gilles Lecuir is a specialist in public communication and an expert in urban and territorial ecology. He is in charge of studies at the Regional Agency for Biodiversity in Île de France and since 2010 he has also led the national competition "French Capitals of Biodiversity". This privileged position of observation allows him to identify, promote and disseminate the best practices of French cities and inter-municipalities in terms of nature protection and the integration of biodiversity into public policies.
Gilles Lecuir is also a volunteer with the national advocacy association Humanité & Biodiversité, of which he is a director, and a regular participant in the Photographic Monitoring of Pollinating Insects (SPIPOLL), a Vigie-Nature participatory science programme.

"As a territorial communicator during the first part of my career, since 2010 I have been putting my skills acquired in this field at the service of dialogue and mediation between public and private actors concerned, committed and interested in reconciling the challenges of human development and the preservation of the biosphere that makes it possible.

Limiting the major crisis of biodiversity (as much in terms of loss of specific diversity as in terms of population collapse and disruption of ecological functions), climate change, urban ecology and eco-districts, ecological economy in the sense of sustainable development rather than sustainable, ethics in the relationships between human beings - among themselves and with the rest of the living and non-living world of which they are a part and over which they now have the greatest share of responsibility - these are some of the ideas that animate my action 🙂

Since 2010, I have been the coordinator of the French Capital of Biodiversity operation for French municipalities and inter-municipalities. I am a Parisian who spends a good part of my time "stealing" their best ideas from colleagues in the provinces (and I try to disseminate them and make them accessible to everyone, of course).

I devote part of my free time to the national advocacy association Humanité et Biodiversité, of which I am an administrator and the Ile-de-France referent. I am also vice-president of The Nature Of Cities France.


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