Karim Lapp - speaker 2019

Karim Lapp is an ecological engineer specialising in ecology applied to land use planning.

He co-founded Biomimicry Europa in 2008 and served as its general secretary for five years. He also co-founded the French committee. Having accompanied the creation of CEEBIOS, Karim Lapp develops training within the Transition 2030 network. More specifically, he is actively working on the development of a method for the application of biomimicry on a territorial scale and is a fellow traveller of the Institut des Futurs Souhaitables on the issues of biomimicry and ecological transition.

After working as a sustainable development and urban biodiversity advisor between 2001 and 2005, he joined the Ile de France Regional Council as environment, sustainable development and eco-region advisor and, since 2009, as climate plan project manager.


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