Tarik is Director of the Biomimicry Unit atInstitute of Desirable Futures and associate expert of PIKAIA.

For 12 years he was the Director of Science and Environment for Equipe Cousteau. An ecologist by training, he was originally trained as a biologist and specialist in the integrated management of natural environments, taking into account socio-economic as well as natural and cultural aspects. But he is also one of the pioneers in France of the promotion of biomimicry, an approach aiming to stimulate the emergence of innovations at the service of the ecological transition and inspired by the observation of living systems - from the intracellular level to that of the entire biosphere.

Biomimicry is an accelerator of high added value innovations in social and environmental responsibility. Tarik teaches this discipline and sustainable development in several engineering schools, business schools and professional training courses, as well as to a wide audience ranging from local authorities to companies.

Tarik is pleased to propose and lead a workshop on 19 October at the Cité des sciences: https://biomimexpo.com/la-fresque-et-les-ateliers-2021/



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