Founded in 2009, ekodev now brings together a team of 25 employees and an ecosystem of experts mobilised to transform organisations into engaged, positive impact and resilient actors. We guide you to become a real players in the societal and environmental revolution.

ekodev supports organisations and territories in the development and operational deployment of an ambitious sustainable development strategyin order to meeting new social and environmental challenges.

We guide you through understanding and anticipating societal changes. We support you in the integration of these issues into the management of your organisationBy initiating a CSR approach, by innovating and by initiating a real change of scale for your CSR policy.

The portrait page in the Biomim'BOOK 2021 :

Intervention of Timothée Quellard, Co-founder of ekodev at a Biomim'expo 2020 broadcast. Why and how can companies concretely participate in the regeneration of ecosystems?



Thomas CHAUVEAU, Communication Manager, tchauveau@ekodev.com

Timothée QUELLARD, Associate Director, tquellard@ekodev.com

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