With Scale, we are creating a new generation of materials that are biodegradable, bio-sourced and non-harmful.


A material made entirely from fish scales.

SCALITE® - a contraction of "scale" and the suffix "lite" (lithos, stone in Greek) - is a material designed on the basis of fish scales, a co-product of the fishing industry that is abundant, renewable and little used.

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The Alveolar Density Variation Structures, inspired by living organisms, make it possible to save material, thus weight, CO2, waste, etc.

MODULATIO' has formed partnerships with industrialists in all sectors to help them develop frugal solutions (in terms of raw materials, energy, CO2, weight, waste, etc.), inspired by a strategy that has been developed by living organisms for millions of years: Density Varying Alveolar Structures.

Whether in the aeronautical, medical, electronic, automotive and other fields, the Modulatio' process has many industrial applications: lightening of critical parts, optimisation of mechanical strength, saving of expensive materials, assembly of dissimilar materials, thermal dissipation, vibration absorption, dissipation of kinetic energy...and more to come.

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Romuald VIGIER, Director General.

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During Biomim'expo 2021, Circulab invites you to participate in the Business Resilience Game.

This fun game helps managers and organisations to understand that economic performance should not be the only guide for the company. It is all a question of balance by integrating extra-economic parameters and applying the key principles of organisational resilience, which is what this new game effectively helps them to understand.

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Brieuc graduated from a French business school and is specialized in the design of circular business models. He is a consultant and has authored several books including Activating the Circular Economy (2015). Brieuc's focus is on helping facilitate the integration of the circular economy in companies and their products and services. He has worked with companies such as IKEA, Interface UK, L'Oréal and IDEO.


After completing a Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and working on social and circular economy projects in the construction sector, Justine is now in charge of the development and coordination of Circulab and Circulab Network. She presents at schools and universities on topics such as creativity, innovation and the circular economy. She is also a trainer and facilitator for independent consultants and manufacturers.


Founded in 2009, ekodev now brings together a team of 25 employees and an ecosystem of experts mobilised to transform organisations into engaged, positive impact and resilient actors. We guide you to become a real players in the societal and environmental revolution.

ekodev supports organisations and territories in the development and operational deployment of an ambitious sustainable development strategyin order to meeting new social and environmental challenges.

We guide you through understanding and anticipating societal changes. We support you in the integration of these issues into the management of your organisationBy initiating a CSR approach, by innovating and by initiating a real change of scale for your CSR policy.

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Intervention of Timothée Quellard, Co-founder of ekodev at a Biomim'expo 2020 broadcast. Why and how can companies concretely participate in the regeneration of ecosystems?



Thomas CHAUVEAU, Communication Manager,

Timothée QUELLARD, Associate Director,


Big Bang Project is the studio of designer Guillian Graves. It specialises in Research and Innovation through Design.

Its approach is transdisciplinary, at the interface of design and science. With its partners, large groups and research laboratories, the studio's team of designers and biologists conceive and prototype innovations in response to the major challenges of tomorrow. They are embodied in new processes, materials, products, services, methods, educational programmes and research programmes.

Through the Big Bang Project, Guillian Graves is also a teacher-researcher and head of the Master of Science Nature-Inspired Design at ENSCI-Les Ateliers, a teacher at Sciences Po Paris and a lecturer.

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Guillian Graves, Founder & designer


Interface is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of eco-friendly carpet tiles. Its products combine beauty, innovation and environmental qualities, allowing each company to express its own vision of design. Interface was one of the first companies to make a public commitment to sustainability, pledging in the 1990s to eliminate all negative environmental impacts by 2020.

Known as 'Mission Zero', this strong commitment, shared by all at all levels, enables the company to continually push the boundaries to achieve its goal. Interface is now only halfway to Mission Zero and the company is widely recognised for all its progress. The company's approach to Design and Innovation has earned it numerous awards and accolades such as the Athenaeum Good Design for its Fotosfera and Urban Retreat collections, the 2014 Hermès Innovation Award, in the 'Improving the relationship between man and nature' category for its Net-Works™ programme (the world's first inclusive and collaborative business model), also awarded at the European Business Awards for the Environment in the 'Business Cooperation' category last December.

Presentation by Geanne Van Arket and Eric Rampelberg at Biomim'expo 2018:

Explaining Interface's interest in biomimicry and Biomim'expo:

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Mickaël CORNOU

Marketing Manager France