The International Council on Biodiversity and Real Estate, CIBI, is the first meeting place for a new Biodiversity and Real Estate sector.

The CIBI is supported by the actors of the city, real estate and the living in the urban environment. Its aim is to promote urban biodiversity and the relationship between man and nature in the sectors of planning, construction and daily life within neighbourhoods and built-up areas. Biophilia plays a major role in the quality of life of city dwellers. CIBI's awareness-raising activities are aimed at both professionals and the general public.

CIBI promotes best practice in urban biodiversity during the planning, design, maintenance, occupation and enhancement of the built environment. The labels BiodivercityThese are the main tools serving a strong objective: to create places and living spaces that are exemplary in economic, socio-cultural and functional terms. At the neighbourhood level, it contributes to inventing and building a caring and resilient city.

The portrait page in the Biomim'BOOK 2021 :



Agnès Dauphin

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