Experience Sensory Odyssey at Biomim'expo

With the support of

Thanks to the support of the Institut des Futurs souhaitables and in partnership with the Sensory Odyssey Studio, Biomim'expo is pleased to welcome and offer you an exhibition and wonder space with some of the biomimetic objects designed by Big Bang Project, from the exhibition "L'Odyssée Sensorielle" which was a great success at the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle. Take advantage of this partial and exceptional extension at the Cité des sciences et de l'industrie during the 2 days of the Biomim'expo event.

In a cabinet of curiosities specially set up in the heart of Biomim'expo, you will find some emblematic objects that demonstrate the interest in being inspired by nature, but also olfactory experiences to discover the odours of living things and photo and video projections.

But above all, with the help of the IFs and Sensory Odyssey, guided tours and mini-conferences are offered in the programme so that you can take full advantage of this ephemeral exhibition, in a multi-sensory and educational way to explain it, decipher it and grasp all its senses.

Thank you Institut des Futurs souhaitables and Sensory Odyssey studio! Thanks to the Big Bang Project studio for the design of the exhibits.

Biomimetic objects on display

These objects were created for the exhibition L'Odyssée Sensorielle at the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris (23 October 2021 - 4 July 2022). They were designed by IFs and Big Bang Project in partnership with the Sensory Odyssey Studio.

These objects are a first part of the Cabinet of Curiosities of the Future, an exhibition in which objects from 2040 are shown as symbols of societal change. The objects are subject to exegesis, they are supports for discourse on the solutions that will exist in the future to respond to current environmental issues.

The three biomimetic objects presented here underline the metamorphosis of the relationship with the living in the future, but also the new ways of designing and making objects.

Other sensory experiences will be offered to you... to discover on the spot!

Reminder on Sensory Odyssey

From the equator to the far north, Sensory Odyssey is an invitation to a great journey. From the tropics and through the temperate zones to the Arctic ice pack, this extraordinary expedition is an inexhaustible source of wonder.

Immersed in the heart of natural environments as amazing as they are varied, visitors find themselves projected into the reality of animal and plant species. Environments teeming with life, activity and amazing interdependencies to observe and discover.

For the visitor, the experience of rediscovering nature is all the more profound because it is based on an enhanced perception of vision, hearing, but also of smell, the sense most directly linked to emotions.

The installation combines very high definition projections on giant screens with the diffusion of spatialized sounds and smells for an immersion in the heart of a succession of ecosystems. The spectacular beauty of the images and the realism with which the living species evolve and interact immerse visitors in a world they have forgotten: their own.

Without words and full of sensations, the experience takes the visitor as close as possible to living beings, even into their intimacy. The environment reacts to the visitor's presence, and his exploration animates the species and reveals their most subtle links. A life-size sensory odyssey for a deep feeling of resonance with the living world.

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