Nature inspires FESTO.

Through the Bionic Learning NetworkNatural principles are applied in technical and industrial applications.

The results are breathtaking!

The Bionic Learning Network

New ideas in the world of automation Automation technology takes on typical everyday tasks such as handling, moving and positioning of articles, as well as process control and regulation. In nature, these tasks are carried out naturally, simply and energy-efficiently. What could be more sensible than to observe these phenomena and be inspired by them?

With this in mind, Festo has set up a research group in cooperation with renowned universities and institutes, development companies and private inventors: the Bionic Learning Network.

FESTO's goals: more than just developing new technologies

Providing new impetus and encouraging innovation, inspiring and inspiring: as a technology leader and supporter of learning and training, Festo has set clear goals for the Bionic Learning Network:

  • Connecting networks and motivating people from different sectors to develop their ideas with Festo
  • Identify the latest trends in the research and development sector, while experimenting with new technologies and production techniques
  • To increase creativity in the search for solutions and to stimulate pre-development of products by building prototypes
  • Create a dialogue with customers and partners to discuss draft solutions and gather customer feedback on innovative topics
  • Presenting Festo's solution skills in an attractive way to get young people excited about technology and to find new talent

The Festo board in the Biomim'review Gallery:


The gallery in video ! :



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