Nature inspires FESTO.

Through the Bionic Learning NetworkNatural principles are applied in technical and industrial applications.

The results are breathtaking!

The Bionic Learning Network

New ideas in the world of automation Automation technology takes on typical everyday tasks such as handling, moving and positioning of articles, as well as process control and regulation. In nature, these tasks are carried out naturally, simply and energy-efficiently. What could be more sensible than to observe these phenomena and be inspired by them?

With this in mind, Festo has set up a research group in cooperation with renowned universities and institutes, development companies and private inventors: the Bionic Learning Network.

FESTO's goals: more than just developing new technologies

Providing new impetus and encouraging innovation, inspiring and inspiring: as a technology leader and supporter of learning and training, Festo has set clear goals for the Bionic Learning Network:

  • Connecting networks and motivating people from different sectors to develop their ideas with Festo
  • Identify the latest trends in the research and development sector, while experimenting with new technologies and production techniques
  • To increase creativity in the search for solutions and to stimulate pre-development of products by building prototypes
  • Create a dialogue with customers and partners to discuss draft solutions and gather customer feedback on innovative topics
  • Presenting Festo's solution skills in an attractive way to get young people excited about technology and to find new talent

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Nature inspired display material

Have you ever wished your mobile phone display was unbreakable? Researchers from ETH Zurich imitate materials from nature to create transparent materials with high fracture resistance.

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Mr Tommaso Magrini

Student / Doctorate Programme at D-MATL


ETH Zürich

Tommaso Magrini

Complex Materials

HCI G 530

Vladimir-Prelog-Weg 1-5/10

8093 Zürich


  • +41 44 633 66 94
  • (Alt.) +41 78 667 67 12
  • 0000-0002-6075-7625


The AlgoSource group, a recognised world expert in microalgae, offers a complete range of services from production engineering to the industrial valorisation of microalgae. Its unique know-how covers all the processes involved in the production and transformation of microalgae and provides an integrated vision for its industrial clients.

AlgoSource is developing 4 main areas for its industrial clients and consumers:

  • Production of microalgae in controlled systems (photobioreactors)
  • Biorefinery engineering (custom extraction of molecules)
  • Production and sale of natural products "made in France" (see our Alpha Biotech shop)
  • Integrated system design (design of photobioreactors from 1 litre to several m3)

Olivier Lépine's speech at Biomim'expo 2018:

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The artificial coloniser in the deep environment.
An underwater nursery that will be immersed in the Mediterranean Sea by the Ifremer Nautile in spring 2020.
A collective project, supported by :
  • Christian Tamburini, M I OHDR CNRS, scientific project leader
  • Jacques Rougerie, Jacques Rougerie Foundation
  • Olivier Bocquet, Tangram Architects and Tangram Lab
  • TREEX and the Jacques Rougerie Foundation have produced the design of the colonizer
  • Guillaume Terrasse, VICAT
  • and Amaury Thomas, SOLIQUID, for 3D printing

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The Ceramic Synthesis and Functionalization Laboratory is a joint CNRS / Saint-Gobain research unit, doing fundamental research on functional ceramic materials, in particular ceramic materials having charge transfer properties. More specifically, we study how the combination of functional properties can lead to innovative materials.
We focus on three scientific topics:
  • Control the hierarchic porosity in the materials
  • Control the microstructure of ceramic materials at the grain scale in order to optimise their functional properties (including ionic conductivity)
  • Understand the interaction of the surface of ion-conducting materials with gaseous reactive species

The board Biomim'review

Sylvain Deville's presentation at Biomim'expo 2016 : (à 28:00)

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With Scale, we are creating a new generation of materials that are biodegradable, bio-sourced and non-harmful.


A material made entirely from fish scales.

SCALITE® - a contraction of "scale" and the suffix "lite" (lithos, stone in Greek) - is a material designed on the basis of fish scales, a co-product of the fishing industry that is abundant, renewable and little used.

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09 72 66 84 26


The Alveolar Density Variation Structures, inspired by living organisms, make it possible to save material, thus weight, CO2, waste, etc.

MODULATIO' has formed partnerships with industrialists in all sectors to help them develop frugal solutions (in terms of raw materials, energy, CO2, weight, waste, etc.), inspired by a strategy that has been developed by living organisms for millions of years: Density Varying Alveolar Structures.

Whether in the aeronautical, medical, electronic, automotive and other fields, the Modulatio' process has many industrial applications: lightening of critical parts, optimisation of mechanical strength, saving of expensive materials, assembly of dissimilar materials, thermal dissipation, vibration absorption, dissipation of kinetic energy...and more to come.

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Romuald VIGIER, Director General.


06 25 54 33 08


Edeis is a major player in the engineering and infrastructure management sector. Thanks to its innovative and sustainable vision, the group assists its clients in the implementation and operation of their development, planning and enhancement operations for spaces and territories.

The Edeis group supports its clients with innovative and sustainable solutions in fields as varied as urban management, mobility, digital, building, industry and infrastructure management.

Edeis: a new player guided by an innovative and sustainable vision

A one-stop shop for all building engineering services, Edeis is also a specialist in site management (airports and ports) for local authorities and the attractiveness of the region.

Thanks to its innovative and sustainable vision, Edeis assists its clients in the implementation and operation of their development, planning and enhancement operations for spaces and territories.

Our teams manage public and private projects, from the strategic thinking phase to their commissioning, as well as their operation and maintenance.

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Anna Gallay


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