R20 - Regions of Climate Action is a not-for-profit international organization founded in 2011 by former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger in cooperation with a number of leading regions and NGO's, the United Nations, Development Banks, Clean-Tech companies, and Academia. Our mission is to accelerate sub-national infrastructure investments in the green economy to meaningfully contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our vision for the future involves inclusive, resilient, and low-carbon societies.

Through collaboration with and support from the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and our partners, we have created a technical and financial ecosystem (R20 Value Chain), which facilitates the identification, structuring, development, and financing of sub-national green infrastructure projects.


To accelerate sub-national infrastructure investments in the green economy.

At R20 - Regions of Climate Action, we believe that cities and regions play a central role in the fight against climate change and its impact. In particular, we believe that local and regional actors are uniquely positioned to implement the transition to a low-carbon green economy, whereby natural resources are conserved, fossil fuel use is limited, public health is protected and enhanced, while societies promote equality.

Our efforts are designed to support sub-national governments around the world to develop and finance low-carbon and climate resilient infrastructure projects in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficient lighting and waste optimisation. Although local authorities are at the centre of our work, we recognise that fast-tracking the transition to inclusive, resilient and low-carbon societies requires greater mobilisation and collaboration between a wide range of stakeholders.

Our approach aims to "connect the dots" and foster understanding and interconnection between policy-makers, clean technology providers and public-private investors throughout the whole project development value chain.

Find here the activity report on the 2019-2020 year of the R20 Green Fund for Women, which works to empower women and preserve the environment in developing countries.



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