Pure Ocean is an endowment fund based in Marseille whose main mission is to support innovative research projects contributing to the protection of fragile marine ecosystems and biodiversity. In addition to funding research projects, Pure Ocean organises conferences and promotes races and sporting challenges to raise awareness of the critical situation of the Ocean.

Missions :

Pure Ocean's mission is to support applied research projects at the cutting edge of innovation in order to  preserve the marine biodiversity, protect and restoring fragile marine ecosystems and increase knowledge about the oceans and contribute to the fight against global warmingThe projects, led by structures of general interest, are selected by our Scientific Committee, which brings together the leading international experts on these subjects.

  • Support innovative projects to better understand and protect marine biodiversity.
  • Organise media events for the general public to raise awareness of the situation of fragile marine ecosystems
  • Promote exchanges between ocean experts, researchers, companies and anyone interested in protecting the ocean

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Thomas de Williencourt, Director, (+33) 6 47 86 08 01

Stephanie LERNERCommunication Manager, (+33) 06 85 80 21 78, communication@pure-ocean.org

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