ArtBuild was born in 1989 from the idea that the act of building requires equal attention to creativity (art) and technical mastery (build), in order to design living spaces that are respectful of the environment and conducive to individual and collective fulfilment.

With a wealth of expertise built up over time and through a number of projects, ArtBuild is now a collective of architects active in all sectors of the construction industry, united by the same humanist philosophy and the same values of tolerance and ethics.

The environmental and social challenges we face on a global scale are driving the construction industry to innovate and to better understand subjects outside the traditional realm of fine art and engineering.

"AB Lab, the research and development laboratory of the architectural firm ArtBuild, was created with the aim of developing innovative approaches to architectural practice and creating bridges with the living world.

The notions of ecological footprints, ecosystem services and the positive anthropocene encourage us to consider nature - or the biosphere - and the urban fabric as a symbiotic continuum.

By working with academics, industry, materials specialists and contractors, applied research is made possible despite the demands of the construction schedule and the barriers of compliance.

Bio-adapted design is now bearing fruit. Three research projects are coming to fruition, dealing in particular with the subjects of biodiversity, biosourced materials and biomimicry.

Steven Ware at the Biomim'expo digital week 2020


Steven Ware,

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