Pierre Darmet is the Marketing and Business Development Director of Jardins de Gally and Secretary General of CIBI, the International Council on Biodiversity and Real Estate.

Passionate about collective action as much as about environmental issues, Pierre has a leitmotiv: to fully integrate biodiversity and its services into territories, from the built-up area to the city, by federating public and private stakeholders - project owners, project managers, experts, citizens. The CIBI, with 80 members and more than 110 projects committed to the BiodiverCity label, is involved in the creation of green, multifunctional and long-term infrastructures for a city-nature!

Urban biodiversity, at the scale of the built environment, is a new field which stimulates research in the field of life sciences. It also brings together an original chain of actors. It is a new sector, with new professions being created, from the "vegetalist" to the "eco-gardener", via the "bio-constructor". As pioneering gardeners in the development of urban biodiversity, we wanted to get involved in the creation and running of BiodiverCity®, which is one of the best tools for federating and structuring this sector ". Pierre Darmet

CIBI is also a network partner and exhibitor at Biomim'expo.


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