I am Alizée Gerard, Polynesian at heart and Breton by adoption.

I have been a freelance designer since 2018, offering services in product design, graphic design and illustration. I grew up in the heart of a group of islands, all of which are united with each other: French Polynesia. These islands, small pieces of land in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean, are protected by large coral reefs.

It is within this particular universe which has kept all its enchantments, crossed by the culture and the ways of life of the Polynesians, that I felt a deep attachment and a real desire to preserve a biodiversity still very present on these places today. My passion for design led me to leave the Pacific Islands. I therefore devoted myself to my studies in this field. I obtained a baccalaureate in Applied Arts and a BTS in Product Design at the Lycée Raymond Loewy (23, La Souterraine), then a DNAP and a DNSEP in Transitional Design at EESAB (29, Brest). Today, as a self-employed designer based in Brest, I attach great importance to working on projects related to the environment, the energy and ecological transition, which are topical subjects that should be developed.

It is also my ever-present attachment to Polynesian nature, both terrestrial and marine, and its fascinating biodiversity that led me to take an interest in biomimicry. I have a particular interest in marine biomimicry, which led me to develop the concept of "Urban Reef: how can coral reefs and their ecosystems inspire the societal organisation and urban infrastructures of tomorrow". For the past few years, I have also been in charge of the design department of the Polynesian Institute of Biomimicry, which aims to raise awareness of Polynesian nature through biomimicry, and to implement projects promoting the preservation of terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Similarly, I am developing an exhibition with the SAMSAD association, dedicated to the world of Jules Verne and his relationship with nature, which will take place soon in Brittany.


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