Jérôme Casas obtained his PhD from ETH Zurich in 1989. From 2001 to 2008, he was the director of the Institute for Research on Insect Biology in Tours (UMR CNRS), one of the largest institutions in Europe working on insects. His research interests include insect physiology and ecology, insect population dynamics, and bio-inspired detection systems.

A notable feature of his approach is the mix of natural history and advanced technologies and modelling. He has contributed and is contributing to many national and international scientific boards, the most notable being BIOKON-international, the Board of Directors of the FRB (Foundation on Biodiversity Research, formerly IFB, Paris) and more recently that of CEEBIOS.

He holds a chair of excellence at Leti - CEA Tech on bio-inspired micro and nanotechnologies. He is also heavily involved in teaching. Several of his students and post-docs have won prestigious awards, in particular the Haldane and Elton awards from the British Ecological Society and the Allee award from the Animal Behaviour Society.


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