PhD, Project Manager and Intrapreneur.

- Master II Chemistry and Spectroscopic Methods (2001-2002, Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris VI).

- Thesis in mass spectrometry applied to proteomics (2002-2006, J.W. Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main, Germany).

- Post-Doc/ head of analytical platform (2006-2007, Hôpital de la Timone, Laboratoire des Maladies Infectieuses du Pr. Didier Raoult).

- Research Engineer, Mass Spectrometry, Gas Analysis and Quality Control (2007-2010, ENGIE Research, ENGIE Lab CRIGEN).

- Project manager for Environmental and Health Impacts, Green Chemistry, Biotechnology. E.g.: CO2 capture from boilers by micro-algae, in partnership with GRDF and Algosource. (2010-2014, ENGIE Research, ENGIE Lab CRIGEN).

- Head of the "bioscyance" project: biotechnological innovation, an eco-responsible alternative to the chlorination of regasification water at the ELENGY Fos Cavaou site. 2 patents filed. ENGIE "GREEN BUSINESS" Innovation Award. Creation of the Yammer BIO n' ENGIE group to promote bio-inspiration (2014-2017, ENGIE Research, ENGIE Lab CRIGEN).

- Intrapreneure. Business development of the "bioscyance" project as an innovative, ecological and monitored solution for the preservation of the integrity of industrial water infrastructures. In process with ENGIE Fab for a future incubation acceleration. (2018, ENGIE Research, ENGIE Lab CRIGEN).

Marianne is offering us a talk on the theme of : how to innovate in the preservation of industrial infrastructure using marine biopolymers?



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