Rodolphe DEBORRE

Rodolphe presents himself on his LinkedIn profile as a "shaker of ideas for sustainable actions". Lively, curious, provocative at times, in constant search of concrete and ideally disruptive ideas and solutions, this description could indeed be his motto.
"I believe that by stimulating everyone with new, outlandish ideas or perspectives, we can all together create lasting and happy collective harmonies. But quickly, because time is running out.

Rodolphe Deborre trained as an agricultural engineer (Ecole Nationale Supérieure Agronomique de Toulouse-ENSAT). He knows the laws of life and is now seeking to combine his experience and mastery of the building/real estate professions, his expertise in the challenges and stakeholders of sustainable development and his strong sensitivity to innovation to help reinvent our living spaces. All this with a spirit of openness, creativity but also resilience and humility ... "because we are often wrong".

Since 2011 within the Rabot Dutilleul Group, previously Associate Director - Positive City at BeCitizen, and founding partner at Symbioses... reinventing the city seems to be a real priesthood for him.


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