Estelle CRUZ - Speaker 2019


Estelle is a qualified architect and engineer (currently in the process of validating her qualifications). She completed the dual course of architecture and engineering at ENSAL and Ecole Centrale de Lyon. Passionate about biomimicry and curious to understand other cultures, she undertook a one-year "biomimicry world tour". By doing 4 research periods of 3 months each with international experts, she learned about the practice and fundamental research of biomimicry in architecture. This year of study contributed to the state of the art of this approach by collaborating with Mick Pearce in Zimbabwe, Satoshi Sakai at Kyoto University, Maibritt Pedersen Zari at Victoria University and Lidia Badarnah at MIT.

His work focuses on the definition and implementation of bio-inspired habitat, in particular for the design of multifunctional envelopes inspired by living organisms - thesis in progress (2017-2020) co-supervised by the MECADEV laboratory of the National Museum of Natural History in Paris.

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