Ecologist at the Île-de-France Regional Biodiversity Agency (ARB îdF)

Marc Barra is in charge of the economy and biodiversity. His main task is to support companies in their ecological transition using tools. He carries out foresight work on the intersection between environmental issues and the ecological transition of the economy, from the perspective of biodiversity.
He wrote the guide "Bâtir en favorisant la biodiversité" and co-wrote "Économie et biodiversité: produire et consommer dans les limites de la biosphère", published by Victoire Editions.

Areas of interest and expertise :

  • Nature in the city: integrating biodiversity into development, architecture and renovation
  • Nature-based solutions to climate change
  • Ecological economics: designing the economy and business strategies within the limits of the biosphere
  • Urban permaculture, biomimetics, biophilia

Ongoing research projects:

  • Contribution of green roofs to biodiversity and ecosystem services (GROOVES)
  • Economics of nature-based solutions: cost of green versus grey infrastructure in cities

Other areas :

  • External expert of the EcoQuartiers approach of the Ministry in charge of housing
  • Director of Afie, the French interprofessional association of ecologists, whose purpose is to promote the ecological engineering professions.
  • Associate researcher at the Veblen Institute, an organisation whose mission is to make the ecological transition a project for society.

Books :

  • Building for biodiversity, 2011
  • Economy and Biodiversity: Producing and consuming within the limits of the biosphere, 2013 (with Gilles Lecuir and Laurent Hutinet)
  • Businesses, take up the biodiversity challenge, 2009 (collective)



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