Jacques TASSIN


Current functions

  • Ecological researcher at CIRAD (Montpellier), qualified to direct research (HDR).
  • Expert to the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES).
  • Member of the Biodiversity Group of the National Environmental Research Alliance.
  • Member of the Invasive Species Group of the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and the Sea.
  • Founding member of the COADAPHT network.
  • Editor-in-Chief Tropical Woods and Forests.


  • Engineer in Horticulture (ENITHP Angers), received first place in the parallel admission competition.
  • Engineer in Tropical Agronomy (ESAT Montpellier), class valedictorian.
  • Thesis in ecology at the Terrestrial Ecology Laboratory, Toulouse III Paul Sabatier University, under the supervision of Jacques Lauga and Gérard Balent, obtained with the congratulations of the jury.

Latest scientific publications (2017-2016)

  • Tassin, J. (2017). Using pesticides to control invasive species: facets of an ethical paradox. Journal of Ecology (Earth and Life) 72(4): 425-438.
  • Tassin, J. (2017). The plant in full consciousness. La Garance Voyageuse, 119: 18-22.
  • Tassin J., Thompson K., Carroll S.P., Thomas C.D. (2017). Determining whether the impacts of introduced species are negative cannot be based solely on science: a response to Russell and Blackburn. Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 32 (4): 230-231.
  • Tassin, J. (2017). This singular way that plants have of being in the world. Nature et Progrès 111: 10-12.
  • Tassin, J. (2017). The fight against invasive species in island territories. In: Caron Patrick (ed.), Valette Elodie (ed.), Wassenaar Tom (ed.), Coppens D'Eeckenbrugge Géo (ed.), Papazian Vatché (ed.). Des territoires vivants pour transformer le monde. Versailles: Ed. Quae, p. 103-107. (Agricultures et défis du monde).
  • Tassin, J. (2017). De l'art de composer avec le vivant. Nature et Progrès (112): 2 p.
  • Tassin, J. (2017). What is a tree? Etudes Héraultaises 48: p. 188-189.
  • Tassin , J. (2016). Invasive species. Revue Juridique de l'Environnement 3(2016): 497-507.
  • Tassin , J. (2016). What do plants think? Ed. Odile Jacob, Paris, 155 p.
  • Tassin, J. (2016). Invasive plants: an adjustment of the living to our world. In: Sustainable development goals: Mediterranean opportunities. Cosimo Laricignola (ed.), Bibliothèque de l'IREMMO, L'Harmattan.

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