L'Oréal, major global partner 2021

Through its "L'Oréal for the Future" commitment, L'Oréal is leading an in-depth transformation to reduce its impacts throughout its value chain, in particular by reinventing the way it designs and manufactures its products, with sustainability as a fundamental requirement.

As a long-standing partner of Ceebios and Biomim'expo, L'Oréal has made bio-inspiration one of its strategic research objectives through the "Greensciences" transition programme.

The development of bio-inspired technologies is therefore at the heart of the eco-design of its products through a scientific approach, a collaborative and multidisciplinary philosophy.

The study of plant species and natural ecosystems is a model of innovation, resilience and performance for the group's research. It is a source of creativity, research and commitment to the preservation and regeneration of resources.

With Delphine Bouvier, Open innovation - R&D strategic partnerships sustainable development, L'Oréal, at the Biomim'expo digital week 2020
With Lucie Couturier, Biomimicry Research Manager, L'Oréal Advanced Research, at the Biomim'expo digital week 2020

Presentation by Laurent Gilbert at Biomim'expo 2018
Explanation of L'Oréal's interest in biomimicry and Biomim'expo by Lucie Couturier

Speeches by Alexandra Palt, Laurent Gilbert and Francis Pruche at Biomim'expo 2016

Interview with Alexandra Palt (CSR Director, L'Oréal Group) on BFM Business (25 June 2020):

  • "There will be no economic growth without sustainability
  • "We will be at 100% of recycled or biobased plastic in our packaging by 2030
  • "After 7 years of measuring the environmental and social impact of products, we have developed a display method that goes from A to E" / "we are launching a pilot" (on a Garnier range) / "we are sharing the methodology with everyone
  • "It's a transformation of the jobs in the factories, but also of research and innovation ... it's all our jobs that are being transformed.
  • "By 2020, 42 sites will be carbon neutral
  • "By 2030 all our factories will be using water for industrial processes in a closed circuit.
  • The crisis has made the vulnerability of all of us much more visible, imagine what a climate crisis will be, which will be 100 times worse!

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