Paris Agricultural Expo

Urban agriculture is invading our cities, in various and sometimes surprising forms. The photographer Giovanni Del Brenna offers us here his travel diary, meeting the "Parisculteurs" of the capital, illustrating these new urban landscapes which are also human landscapes. The city is once again becoming a source of food, but also of social links, biodiversity, knowledge and reconnection.

A few plates from this collection:

The Urban Shepherds grazing in the Lumière des 4000 residence with the ewes of the Clinamen association for the social landlord Plaine Commune Habitat. La Courneuve. November 2018

Installation of planting boxes to test technosols (soils constructed from green waste from the city). AgroParisTech roof, Paris Ve. May 2017

Harvesting pastries on the roof of the Opéra Bastille. 1000 square meters of vegetable garden designed and operated by Topager. Paris XIIe. September 2018

Houdan's chickens at RATP headquarters are fed with leftovers from the canteen. Paris XII. June 2017

Les Houblonnières, a project designed and built by Topager and Mattia Paco Rizzi on a Keys Properties roof in Levallois. July 2017

Cultivation of organic chicory by the urban micro-farm La Caverne in the disused Raymond Queneau car park. Paris XVIIIth. November 2018

Production of organic oyster mushrooms in the urban farm La Caverne in the disused Raymond Queneau car park. Paris XVIIIe. November 2018

Vertical vegetable garden installed by METRO France and INFARM in the METRO warehouse in Nanterre, in hydroponics. April 2019

The RECYCLERY, located in a former railway station on the "petite ceinture" in Paris. Collaborative work and rehabilitation. April 2017.

Biodiversiterre 2017. A plant installation on 10,000 m2 Avenue Foch in Paris. Designed by the artist Gad Weil. Public awareness operation organised by the Mairie de Paris. June 2017

All the photos can be found on the photographer's website.

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Pink Innov' is a network of women and men involved in innovation. Its ambition is to explain, illustrate and bring innovation to life by facilitating its concrete application in companies.

We observe current events, contribute our thoughts, encourage exchanges and organise practical workshops to build innovation in a maker spirit.

We provide our members with pragmatic answers through international academic monitoring, conferences on start-ups and large groups, feedback and immersive case studies to put innovation into practice.

Pink Innov' and Biomim'expo :

Pink Innov' is delighted to announce its partnership with Biomim'expothe great gathering of biomimicry and bio-inspired innovations.

  • How does nature inspire tomorrow's innovations and provide solutions to our contemporary challenges?
  • How are all sectors affected?

Biomimicry is a real opportunity for the future, and is a fast-growing approach, at the heart of the innovation strategies of many companies, research centres and innovative businesses, because it is at the heart of the new transition underway: saving energy; producing less waste; combining growth and biodiversity; working and communicating in open, collegial systems; distorting thinking to innovate through decompartmentalized approaches, inspired by the 3.8 billion years of R&D in the living world!

Pink Innov', more than ever, is part of the process of inventing tomorrow's world with and through living organisms and participating in the exploration of biomimicry and bio-inspiration "Explains Hélène Campourcy, Founder and President of Pink Innov'.

Let's meet for this beautiful event on 20 October 2020.



Hélène Campourcy /



In 2019, the Ceebios, makesense and NewCorp Consulting have together created the Biom'impact tour, first tour of France for the emergence of biomimetic projects with impact !

The tour was supported by the New Aquitaine Regionthe Southern Region, TEN and L'Oréal.

Rationale and objectives :

Biomimicry is the act of be inspired by nature to meet the challenges of our societies! This is just common sense, when you think that she had almost 4 billion years for innovatemake mistakesand select what works bestin all areas!

The aim is to mix biomimicry and entrepreneurship social to generate biomimetic projects à impact and inspire each to to orientate oneself to this sector.

From 8 June to 5 July 2019, 150 participants registered for the online CREATHON! 4 weeks of collective work to create impactful team projects inspired by life! More than 20 projects were born, some of which participated in the Biomim'Challenge 2020.



Phil Becquet /



Biomimicry: an innovative approach for resilient territories

For several years, drawing on its experience with pioneering local authorities, Cerema has been helping to develop and evolve, in partnership, methods to assist in the emergence and design of projects. In 2019, with the help of the Dreal Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes innovation laboratory, it has formalised a "Different projects" approach, which proposes 5 principles to mobilise the resources of collective intelligence and resilience for the benefit of the project.
In this spirit, it has initiated and is engaged in collaborative research-action dedicated to territorial biomimicry. The ambition is to make this trend, which is inspired by life, a new art of designing projects for resilient territories.
This action research is part of a historical moment when the issues related to climate change and the collapse of biodiversity are making us aware that we are reaching our physical, natural and biological limits, with the irreversible degradation of resources.


  • David Nicogossian


A graduate of the École normale supérieure and a research associate, she holds a doctorate in philosophy. After a period at the University of Paris-Dauphine and at the Catholic Faculty to learn about organisational strategy and canon law respectively, she lived in Jerusalem for a year to study the Talmud.

On her return, and in parallel with her thesis in philosophy, she worked successively in the cabinets of the Minister of the Economy and Finance, the Secretary of State for Research and Higher Education and the Minister of Justice, as "Adviser on Foresight and Discourse", for nearly four years.

Development Director, then Deputy Managing Director of a start-up incubator, she is currently Associate Director of an international group, which advises companies and public institutions.

His research work includes the issue of the hybrid.

" All centaurs! In Praise of Hybridization

Or how can we think about nature?  "

We have built our lives around our fear of the unpredictable, the contradictory, the hybrid, embodied in the frightening figure of the Centaur. The whole history of humanity is one of repression, rejection, the attempt to eliminate the unknown, the uncertain, everything that cannot fit into our boxes a priori. This means that an important part of reality - of nature - does not fit into our boxes and that we therefore miss it, without realising it. What is in crisis, above all, is our relationship with reality, since we have lost contact with it, and with nature at the same time.

To reconcile ourselves with it, we would have to completely revise the way we approach it and do away with the rigid rationality that has led us from humanism to anthropocentrism and then to transhumanism. By adopting a hybrid way of thinking that corresponds to the hybrid character of reality - of nature - we will gradually realise how much we have to gain by becoming centaurs...

Press release

Conquering the hybrid: the victory of the centaurs?
Presentation at Biomim'expo 2020

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