ELWAVE, electrical sensory detection


Simple to use, robust and adaptable for all types of vehicles and robots, ELWAVE solutions provide real-time 360° perception capability in complex underwater and industrial environments.
ELWAVE provides solutions adapted for different environments and operational constraints (congestion, depth at which used, etc.).

Bio-inspired ?

ELWAVE develops solutions based on electrical sensory perception, known as "electric sense", developed since 2007 by the biorobotics research group in Mines-Telecom Atlantique Institute.

ELWAVE technology takes its inspiration from the sensory mode used by tropical freshwater fish (African mormyrids and South American gymnotiforms), which have developed electrical sensory perception in order to move around, capture their prey and communicate with each other in an environment where vision and sonar (acoustic communication - echolocation) are inefficient.

Electrical sensory perception is based on sensing disturbances produced by the environment in an electric field generated by fish: these fish emit a 360° electric field around themselves which is disturbed by obstacles in their habitat, by other fish and by predators. The electro-receptor cells in their skin detect, measure and record these disturbances to create a three-dimensional image of their surroundings at any given moment.

Releases :

INSTITUT CARNOT - MINES / ELWAVE equips robots with a 6th sense with its "electric sense" technology



    ITM Atlantic Business Centre
    2 rue Alfred Kastler, CS40617
    44300 NANTES Cedex 3
  • contact@elwave.fr
  • tel-icon+33 (0)2 51 85 87 71


Adv Tech was founded in 2012. We develop new rotor technologies, based on trochoidal motion. These technologies can be applied to thrusters, wind turbines and tidal turbines, with exceptional advantages.

Everyone in the company has their own speciality and specific skills, but we are all focused on a common goal: to make high-efficiency propulsion and renewable energies cheaper, safer and easier to promote.

Press releases :

20 MINUTES / 03 FEB 2020 / Bordeaux: The start-up ADV-Tech experiments with a unique urban wind turbine

ADV-Tech has just signed a partnership with Bordeaux Métropole Energies to test an urban wind turbine whose revolutionary technology allows for very high efficiency, without the blades making the slightest noise.

BOATS.COM /16 OCT 2019 / ADV Tech: a revolutionary propeller to replace the propeller?

Could the new biomimetic rotor developed by ADV Tech replace our good old propellers in the same way that propellers replaced paddle wheels? This question was asked after a demonstration on the water of a floating drone equipped with this new propulsion system.

ENGIE INNOVATION / 03 JUL 2017 / ADV Tech's revolutionary wind turbine

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ADV Tech, Esplanade des Arts et Métiers, 33400 TALENCE


Arnaud Curutchet, Founder




A living material that produces light

We are developing a bioluminescent raw material made from natural and infinitely cultivable micro-organisms. Our core business is biotechnology. We improve (without genetic modification) these micro-organisms to make them more efficient in terms of light production (intensity, stability, efficiency).

Sustainable light systems for the landscape of tomorrow

In collaboration with energy companies, real estate groups, architects, local authorities, artists, construction companies, landscapers and hotels, Glowee meets your sustainable lighting needs.

Let's create together the uses of bioluminescence of tomorrow!


Videos :

The board Biomim'review :


Releases :

Ministry of Agriculture / 14 NOV 2018 / Glowee: producing light without electricity

Les Echos / 03 SEPT 2019 / Crowdfunding: how Glowee raised over €1.3 million

FUTURA PLANET / 17 MAY 2017 / Bioluminescence: Introducing Glowee, an electricity-free biological light

LABIOTECH / 20 NOV 2019 / 39M Series B to Fund Biopolymers for Surgery and Implants

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The shrimp with scanner eyes ...

Among the many research projects conducted at the University of Queensland in Australia, those of Professor Justin Marshall are of particular interest to us. It concerns the faculties of the 'famous' mantis shrimp or 'multicoloured squid' (Odontodactylus scyllarus). An animal with Herculean strength, it is found in the Indian Ocean and in the western part of the Pacific Ocean.

Studied for the manufacture of ultra-resistant materials, this mantis shrimp is also the subject of interest to researchers for its amazing eyes. These are composed of ommatidia, which are themselves made up of photoreceptor cells with fine cell extensions, microvilli, that can filter polarised light. Polarised light is light that vibrates in one direction only. Filtering it makes it possible to better detect contrasts (think of the filters on cameras or sunglasses), but also... cancers! Cancers reflect polarised light differently than healthy tissue.

This property inspired Justin Marshall and his colleagues at the University of Queensland in Australia to build a camera that detects tumours, something our visual system is normally unable to do. Here, the camera converts images that are invisible to us into colours that we can perceive.

Videos :

The board Biomim'review :


Releases :

QUEENSLAND UNIVERSITY / 5 DEC 2014 / Nature's elegant and efficient vision systems can detect cancer


GENT SIDE / 23 MAY 2019 / The mantis shrimp, a crustacean with a completely unique visual perception

HUFFPOST / 29 SEP 2014 / Cancer detection at a glance? Scientists reproduce the eyes of the mantis shrimp, which can do this

But also :

SCIENCE AND FUTURE / 03 JUL 2014 / See life in UV, like the mantis shrimp

FUTURA TECH / 31 OCT 2009 / Will the squilla, a marine crustacean, help to read DVDs better?


Professor Justin Marshall

Professorial Research Fellow

Queensland Brain Institute

 +61 7 336 51397


The artificial coloniser in the deep environment.
An underwater nursery that will be immersed in the Mediterranean Sea by the Ifremer Nautile in spring 2020.
A collective project, supported by :
  • Christian Tamburini, M I OHDR CNRS, scientific project leader
  • Jacques Rougerie, Jacques Rougerie Foundation
  • Olivier Bocquet, Tangram Architects and Tangram Lab
  • TREEX and the Jacques Rougerie Foundation have produced the design of the colonizer
  • Guillaume Terrasse, VICAT
  • and Amaury Thomas, SOLIQUID, for 3D printing

Presentation at Biomim'expo 2019:



CorWave develops innovative implantable cardiac pumps based on a breakthrough technology: the undulating membrane.

The CorWave corrugated membrane offers a novel approach in cardiac assist to provide true pulsatile blood flow.

CorWave is a fast-growing medical device company that develops novel cardiac assist pumps to provide reliable and sustainable solution to the major public health issue ofheart failure. The solutions developed by CorWave, which are truly physiological, will ensure better life to patients.

Founded in 2011 by the incubator MD Start and supported by renowned investors, CorWave has obtained over €35 million in funding and employs more than 50 employees.

CorWave has won numerous awards and competitions. In 2016 CorWave won phase 1 of the Global Innovation Contest (GIC) for the NovaPulse project. In 2017, this project also won phase 2 of the CMI competition. The same year, CorWave received the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Biotech of the Future award, and in 2018 received support for the Calypso programme under the Programme d'Investissements d'Avenir (PIA) operated by Bpifrance.

Videos :

News and press review :

L'USINE NOUVELLE / 14 APR 2018 / CorWave develops innovative cardiac assist technology

LA TRIBUNE / 14 MAY 2019 / Public Choice Award 2018, CorWave accelerates towards clinical trials

CHALLENGES / 08 NOV 2016 / CorWave, an exciting fundraising

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WhalePower Corporation is a Canadian company established in Toronto in 2005 to create energy efficient rotating devices for a myriad of different applications. WhalePower Corporation has patented and developed Tubercle Technology, applying it first to a small turbine and then to large scale HVLS fans.

WhalePower has since developed for clients a new kind of cooling tower fan, a diesel engine cooling fan, a new fan small enough to cool computer graphic cards which is better than the best available on the market. WhalePower currently licenses the right to use tubercles on rotating devices to others who wish to test, develop, manufacture and sell such machines. Many uses, from marine thrusters to low flow hydro generation, to pumps, compressors, and mixers, await exploitation.


Videos :

Releases :

ENERGY FROM THE SEA / WhalePower confirms the 20% gain from its process.

CLEANTECH REPUBLIC / 06 MAR 2019 / Whale fin blades to boost wind turbine performance

LES ECHOS / 03 JUNE 2019 / Biomimicry: wind turbine blades mimic the fins of humpback whales

ASK NATURE / 01 OCT 2016 /  Tubercle Technology blades




Understand the geopolitical, economic and environmental issues of the oceans.

Thank you for giving us a prominent place in the front page of issue 266 of the first quarter of 2020, with its large dossier on biomimicry:


Thank you also for inviting Alain Renaudin, President and Founder of NewCorp Conseil and Biomim'expo, to share his views in the very nice special issue dedicated to "the world after".


Marine & Oceans website


Bertrand de Lesquin, Editor-in-Chief, bdelesquen@gmail.com




TISSIUM™ invents the next generation of synthetic polymers for tissue reconstruction :

  • BIOMORPHIC : Conforms to and integrates with surrounding tissue to enable natural healing
  • PROGRAMMABLE : Modular polymer design can be adjusted to match tissue-specific requirements

TISSIUM was founded in 2013 to address one of the most persistent medical challenges since the inception of surgical procedures: to reconstruct damaged tissue and restore its natural function.

Since the discovery of our first polymer at the labs of Bob Langer and Jeff Karp at MIT, we recognized the exceptional potential for our technology to revolutionize the field of tissue reconstruction in multiple therapeutic areas.

Our unique approach to product development leverages the knowledge gained from the development of our technology platform comprised of proprietary polymers, activation technologies, and delivery devices.

We have developed a fully integrated innovation, design, commercialisation and manufacturing platform to support our internal programmes as well as co-development partnerships with leaders in the medtech industry.

Maria Pereira's intervention at Biomim'expo 2019:

The board Biomim'review :


Releases :

Les Echos / 20 NOV 2019 / Tissium raises €39 million for its programmable surgical polymers

BFM BUSINESS / 21 NOV 2019 / French start-up Tissium, which wants to repair human tissue, raises €39 million

SOFINNOVA / 20 NOV 2019 / TISSIUM Closes €39M Series B Funding Round

LABIOTECH / 20 NOV 2019 / 39M Series B to Fund Biopolymers for Surgery and Implants

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