MYCOPHYTO was co-founded in 2017 by Justine LIPUMA, a doctor in microbiology, and Christine PONCET, an agricultural engineer. Spin off INRAE (INRA) and UCA (Université Côte d'Azur), it has received more than 12 awards since its creation.

MYCOPHYTO is to develop, produce and propose to agricultural professionals effective biological solutions by adapting scientific knowledge concerning mycorrhizal symbiosis.

MYCOPHYTO, an INRAE and UCA spin-off, integrates the latest knowledge from life sciences and technological innovations. The start-up has patented solutions for the implementation of native arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMFs) in crops to recreate sustainable natural synergies with plant roots.

MYCOPHYTO is based on a dynamic of key players including: world-renowned scientists, joint research structures, technical and training institutes and farmer ambassadors.

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LA TRIBUNE / 18 MAR 2020 / Mycophyto, the proof-of-concept deeptech

BPI FRANCE / 19 NOV 2019 / Mycophyto: Agriculture transformed by science

HORIZONS / 17 DEC 2019 / Mycophyto, the natural alternative to pesticides that increases yields

CREDIT AGRICOLE INFO / 21 OCT 2019 / Mycophyto, a natural and tailor-made alternative to chemical inputs

FRENCH WEB / 25 SEP 2019 / Startup Mycophyto raises €1.4 million to offer an organic alternative to pesticides



Justine LIPUMA, Co-Founder & CEO
540 avenue de la Plaine
06250 Mougins



With the world's most advanced neuromorphic vision systems, inspired by human vision and built on the foundation of neuromorphic engineering.

PROPHESEE is the revolutionary system that gives Metavision to machines, revealing what was previously invisible to them.

Prophesee is the inventor of the world's most advanced neuromorphic vision systems.

Inspired by human vision, Prophesee's technology uses a patented sensor design and AI algorithms that mimic the eye and brain to reveal what was invisible until now using standard frame-based technology.

Prophesee's machine vision systems open new potential in areas such as autonomous vehicles, industrial automation, IoT, security and surveillance, and AR/VR. One early application was in medical devices that restore vision to the blind.

Prophesee's technology is fundamentally different from the traditional image sensors - it introduces a paradigm shift in computer visionevent-based vision.

Guillaume Butin's presentation at Biomim'expo 2019:

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Other releases :

BFM Business 26 FEB 2020 : Sony acquires stake in French company Prophesee to further develop machine vision

Engineering techniques 18 MAR 2020 : Prophesee develops neuromorphic vision sensors

Les Echos Entrepreneurs 28 OCT 2019 : Prophesee secures €25 million and deploys its sensors in industry

The Tribune 28 OCT 2019: Deeptech Prophesee raises €25 million to give sight to the blind and to machines

Le Figaro 28 OCT 2019: Prophesee raises 25 million and shows new ambitions

VB 28 OCT 2019 : Prophesee raises $28 million for machine vision sensors that mimic the human eye



Guillaume Butin | Marketing Communications Director | +33 (0) 6 63 87 26 39



Biomim'expo is a NewCorp Conseil initiative, brand and event.

NewCorp Conseil, a strategy and communication, CSR and Biomimicry consultancy, took the initiative of creating Biomim'expo to promote biomimicry, to reveal the players and the sector of excellence, and to promote research and innovation.

A HYBRID agency At the crossroads of different paths and expertise, we are both a monitoring and forecasting firm to keep an eye on trends, ideas and innovative approaches; a strategy and communication consultancy to enhance and amplify your commitments, actions and projects; and a societal forecasting agency to analyse opinion, identify weak signals, measure expectations and perceptions, anticipate, understand and respond.

A BIO-INSPIREE agencyThis is a new approach based on the lessons learned from the observation of living organisms and their tremendous capacity for resilience. Drawing inspiration from the living world thus becomes an asset and a lever for innovation and paradigm change, a tool for transition accelerator.

NewCorp Conseil has taken the initiative to create Biomim'expo; it identifies news and market opportunities, helps to identify opportunities, accompanies innovative projects, and puts biomimicry at the service of your innovation and development strategies, as well as internal mobilisation and attractiveness. The agency works in symbiosis with the core expertise of biomimicry, sets up multidisciplinary and creative teams adapted to the projects, and positions and proposes itself as a "particle shaker" to generate new ideas.

The portrait page in the Biomim'BOOK 2019 :

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The NewCorp/Biomim'expo team:

For the Biomim'Challenge :

  • Mia TahanENSCi Les Ateliers trainee at NewCorp Conseil / Biomim'expo,

Art Direction :

  • Florence Garinot, artistic direction
  • Charlotte Domergue, graphic designer

In collaboration with Ceebios:

  • Kalina RaskinGeneral Director of Ceebios
  • Laura MagroDeputy Director for Scientific Development
  • Luce-Marie PetitMaterials Officer
  • Dounia DemsBio-inspired Chemistry and Materials Engineer
  • Estelle CruzHousing Officer
  • Chloé LequetteBiomimetic City Project Manager
  • Anneline Létarddesigner, in charge of design
  • Hugo BachellierTraining Officer and Interregional Facilitator

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Landestini works for the reconnection of humans to the earth, to nature, to rurality, and to the preservation of life.

Through three axes: education, sport and entrepreneurship, we act for healthy and local food, sustainable agriculture and biodiversity.

Go and take your lessons from Nature, that's where our future lies "(L. de Vinci)

Everywhere, living things are declining and human beings are suffering from this degradation of nature. Links are increasingly being established between pesticides and various diseases, and farmers are the first victims. They also suffer from a food system that exploits them.

Moreover, the countryside is emptying, despite a small movement to return to the land that is emerging...

Connecting with nature, acting to protect it and in so doing reinventing new ways of living in harmony with ourselves and our fellow members of the living community, with more meaning, joy and resilience...Landestini is a a non-profit endowment fund whose mission is to reconnect humans with the earth, nature and rurality, and to contribute to the preservation and diversity of life.

An organisation that works for the preservation of life, created by two nature lovers.

After ten years in Paris, Fanny Agostini and Henri Landes moved to a farm in Boisset, in the Haute-Loire, in 2019, in order to live closer to nature and carry out projects of education, awareness and entrepreneurship for the benefit of the Auvergne territories and its youth by creating Landestini. The three main themes of the organisation are food, agriculture and biodiversity.

About Fanny Agostini:

Co-president of Landestini, Fanny Agostini is a journalist and presenter committed to the preservation of the environment. During her eight years as a weather presenter at BFM TV, she has produced several series of educational reports on climate change, sustainable agriculture and water. She teaches climate science and policy at the Studio Ecole de France (Studec). She also created an AMAP within her company, called NEXT RABIO TV.

From July 2017 to May 2019, Fanny Agostini had taken over the helm of the programme Thalassa, bringing to it a strong commitment to the preservation of the ocean and marine biodiversity.
Since the start of the 2019 academic year, Fanny Agostini has been presenting a daily column on Europe 1 from her farm 1TP4Go to the Farm Fanny Agostini's new monthly magazine on Ushuaïa TV is dedicated to food, agriculture, the environment, health and ecology under the eye of her experience as a neo-farmer from Auvergne. And since March 2020, Fanny Agostini presents a new monthly magazine on Ushuaïa TV, dedicated to the environment, education and sustainable actions for the planet: " On the Land " .

She is co-author of Fill up on nature! "(2018) and author of " The ocean is our future "(2018), respectively a book on French environmental policy and a manifesto on the preservation of the sea.

Fanny Agostini is Corsican-Augustinian, and grew up in La Bourboule in the Puy-de-Dôme, where her grandfather was a market gardener and goat and chicken farmer. She is particularly passionate about cereals and old seeds, as well as the preservation of local breeds of plants and livestock.

About Henri Landes :

Co-chairman of Landestini, Henri Landes is a specialist in climate and environmental policy. He has led the GoodPlanet FoundationHe was the president of the Sustainable Development Foundation, chaired by Yann Arthus Bertrand from 2017 to 2018, before creating Landestini with Fanny Agostini. He has taught sustainable development at Sciences Po Paris since 2013 and is the co-founder of CliMatesa think and do tank on climate change. He also co-founded a startup in sustainable food, CrocA local, organic and zero waste caterer in Ile-de-France.

A Franco-American, Henri Landes is interested in the comparison between American and French politics, particularly on environmental issues. He is the co-author of " Climate denial "(2015), and " Fill up on nature! "(2018), and author of " Hello Houston "(2016), books on international climate policy, French environmental policy and contemporary American politics respectively.

He hosted a weekly column on France Bleu Pays d'Auvergne, #UnAméricainEnAuvergne, bringing a cross-section of the United States and Auvergne on the subjects of food, agriculture and environmental preservation; Since March 2020, Henri Landes has been hosting a new column on Sud Radio, "Les vraies voies de la campagne", sponsored by the company CELNAT, to talk about reconnecting with nature, but also about preserving biodiversity, the climate and the environment, and sustainable food and agriculture.

A graduate of Sciences Po Paris in International Affairs and the University of California, Davis, Henri Landes grew up in New York and San Francisco. Before pursuing a career in sustainable development, he was a tennis player on the professional circuit. He is a city dweller converted to rural life, with a passion for the Auvergne, its terroir, its Saint-Nectaire cheese, its livestock and its environment.

Surrounded by a dynamic and willing team, Fanny Agostini and Henri Landes lead with great enthusiasm the many ambitious and concrete projects.

Programme Champions of sustainable food and biodiversity

This educational programme aims to educate young people about healthy and local food through classroom workshops, hands-on educational farms and visits to local stakeholders. It is an innovative year-long curriculum, co-constructed with the school's teachers, that allows young people not only to better understand food-related issues but also to correspond with students in another country on the same topics.
Faced with the current unprecedented situation, the teams have developed digital teaching kits adapted to the different class levels.

The programme " Negotiating for the planet "is an educational experience of negotiation simulations, a role-playing game that allows an innovative and collective treatment of a delicate theme generally linked to sustainable development issues, with a varied number of participants, of all ages and backgrounds.

Negotiations for the planet are currently being organised in the framework of two projects: "la Cop des jeunes: accords de Provence", in partnership with the Bouches-du-Rhône departmental council, in collaboration with the Aix Marseille academy and the Petits Débrouillards association; and "COP15 biodiversité" in partnership with the Office Français de la Biodiversité and the Agence Française de Développement. Given the current context, Landestini has adapted its programme by offering remote simulations of negotiations.

Theincubation Landestini Cantal-Auvergne aims to boost the rural economy and create jobs in places close to nature. From autumn 2020, 10 projects will join the Landestini Cantal-Auvergne physical and virtual incubator: a place for support, experimentation and advice from experts, for innovative projects in favour of sustainable food and agriculture, and in the service of biodiversity preservation.

The programme " Sportsmen for the planet "This coalition of sportsmen and women encourages sportsmen and women of all levels to commit to concrete actions in their daily lives and to become spokespersons for the protection of life. This coalition of sportsmen and women participates in educational and awareness-raising projects for young people on healthy and local food, the preservation of biodiversity and health.

Finally, Landestini has developed its digital channel to serve the region LandestiniTV. A variety of content produced and directed by the Landestini teams is continuously broadcast. Programmes from our partners are also available. All the videos and other audiovisual content deal with the themes of the return to the land, environmental protection, the regeneration of biodiversity, the local, sustainable and solidarity-based economy and give the floor to field actors and experts.

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Contact :

Nelsina da SILVA, 06 28 54 58 53

Landestini on social networks FACEBOOK l LINKEDIN l TWITTER l INSTAGRAM


National network of Business Angels in the Cleantech sector since 2008, Cleantech Business Angels is an association under the French law of 1901 whose mission is to facilitate investment in French Cleantech and Greentech start-ups.

Operating on the basis of regular meetings between:

  • Project Leaders, offering high added value products and services in the fields of Environment and Energy
  • and our Business Angels, potential investors and a real pool of skills,
  • ...we aim to support the best projects in the sector!

Strongly sensitive to environmental and civic initiatives, our Network pays particular attention to innovative projects that make our lifestyles more rational and intelligent, and in particular reduce their carbon impact. Cleanweb, Eco-mobility, Recycling, Improved Transport and Building Management projects, we value your efforts in building a Responsible and Sustainable Growth.



Yan Thoinet,




Endowment fund for new explorers


We need to better understand how our planet works. To do this, exploration invites us to think outside the box to produce new knowledge.

We need to innovate to provide technological solutions that reduce the human impact on nature. Solving tomorrow's problems is an unlimited field of exploration where boldness can be expressed in concrete terms.

We need to share with as many people as possible to become actors of change.
Because in a changing world, we must learn to adapt and collaborate to meet the challenges ahead.


"Travelling the oceans has shown me the beauty of our planet and its inhabitants. Since I was born, the crew has grown from 2.5 to 7 billion people. Our ship is showing serious signs of fatigue: a changing climate, multiple forms of pollution, a depletion of resources, endangered biodiversity... Upheavals that affect both nature and mankind.




Charlotte Genest, Communications Manager,