Advice to the Public-Defence-Aeronautics sector and to industrialists on biomimicry as a lever for sustainable innovation and on responsible digital technology


Report by Myceco and Ceebios on the national strategy for Biomimicry, from the working day at France Stratégie

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Our offer :

Make biomimicry a lever for strategic innovation, or even national sovereignty, in the service of the country's economic and environmental sustainability.

Nature, a true "bank of services and data", is a model of performance, sobriety, cooperation, resilience and economy of use, and constitutes the specifications for sustainable innovation.

Bio-inspired technologies from plant or animal models, from 200 national research laboratories and from the Deeptech start-up network, meet the main operational challenges of most sectors of activity: stealth/camouflage, lightweighting, sensors, exploration, self-assembly, self-repair in non-standard and extremophilic environments, energy storage and production, soft robotics, swarm intelligence, frugal information management, water treatment and filtration, anti-bacterial surface treatment, adhesion, etc.

With our knowledge of your business (e.g. public sector, defence, aeronautics), Myceco builds you a bio-inspired ideation and project implementation system based on the cross-fertilisation of expert skills in consulting, engineering and research.

As a partner of Ceebios, Myceco acts as an accelerator of projects that break with traditional schemes, placing nature and its capacities at the centre of innovation and putting digital technology at the service of the ecological and solidarity transition.

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