Created in 1992, the French Association of Companies for the Environment, EpEThis is a grouping of a forty or so large companies French and international companies from all sectors of the economy that want to take better account of the environment in their strategic decisions and in their day-to-day management.

We share the same vision of the environment as a source of progress and opportunityWe are convinced that, just as no actor can develop sustainably in a degraded environment, taking the environment into account is a source of lasting value for us as companies.

EpE provides its members with a forum for exchange between companies and with NGOs, ministries, elected representatives, scientists and academics.

EpE's ambitions:

  • Anticipating and analysing, with the positioning of a think tank recognised as a platform of expertise at international level
    Our objective is to detect weak signals, harbingers of future regulations, innovations or market standards. Our scope of exploration extends at least to the European level. To do this, EpE aims to develop, whenever necessary, an open and constructive dialogue with other partners: research institutes, the academic world, other think tanks and expert networks, environmental protection associations, etc., and cooperation with corporate stakeholders.
  • Improve members' knowledge and practices, stimulate innovation
    We contribute to a better mobilisation of companies through the exchange of knowledge and best practices in the environmental field, whether they be approaches, methodologies, tools or concrete achievements. The objective is to help each member progress through the contribution of the others according to a win-win principle, outside the context of competition, and thus to contribute to raising the overall level of sustainable efficiency of the sectors of the French economy represented at EpE.
  • Improve the credibility of companies on environmental issues by publicising their pioneering achievements
    EpE's main activity takes the form of commissions and working groups We have set up permanent or temporary committees, focusing on emerging and forward-looking topics such as climate change, the links between environment and health, environmental foresight, biodiversity, environmental economics and others. Some of our work is published or spoken about, with the portfolio of best practices presented in committees forming a "state of the art", the promotion of which is part of our mission.


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