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Icade is an integrated real estate operator that designs innovative real estate products and services to meet new urban uses and lifestyles. With innovation and CSR at the heart of its strategy, Icade works closely with the players and users who make up the city - local authorities and residents, companies and employees, institutions and associations, etc. Icade combines investment in commercial and healthcare property with development to reinvent the property business and contribute to the emergence of the green, intelligent and responsible cities of tomorrow. Icade is a major player in Greater Paris and the regional metropolises. Icade is a listed company (SIIC) on Euronext Paris. Its main shareholders are the Caisse des Dépôts Group and Crédit Agricole Assurances.

At Icade, the men and women share the same ambition: to develop and plan intelligent, resilient and responsible cities.

This vision of the city of tomorrow is one that we are pursuing with local authorities and elected representatives, but also and above all with users, so that they can fully develop in their living and working environment.

This is why we are convinced that biomimicry is one of the most appropriate and innovative responses beyond sustainability and the well-being of the urban population. Inspired by the strategies developed by living organisms and ecosystems during the course of evolution, it involves rethinking urban systems, buildings and architecture. Beyond aesthetic inspiration, the intelligence of nature gives real estate the means to reinvent itself, particularly in the face of major new energy and ecological challenges.

Energy savings, better management of resources, optimisation of flows... Our conviction for a new approach to biomimicry: it is up to the city to reintegrate itself into the great natural cycles, and not the other way round.

Icade's commitment to biomimicry

Icade has joined forces with Ceebios through a partnership to co-construct real estate and urban ecosystems inspired by and with nature, which are more resilient, more economical, more efficient and always more pleasant to live in.

Icade is thus pursuing its commitment to serving the new uses and current and future needs of its fellow citizens by making biomimicry (a scientific approach that seeks to draw inspiration from living systems) a major focus for developing and planning authentic cities, places of well-being and harmony, cities that respect their history and heritage.

The objective is to initiate a co-innovation process with all academic, industrial and political stakeholders, with the aim of developing and experimenting with both technical and systemic applications of biomimicry in the design of the city and the real estate of the future.

Icade's institutional position, its leadership in innovation and CSR and its expertise as an integrated real estate operator will enable it to work with biomimicry and its stakeholders to contribute to scientific knowledge and to experiment with this innovative and virtuous approach to real estate design.

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Ana-Maria CARTIER, Development Manager, Major Urban Projects - SYNERGIES URBAINES by ICADE


about the Biomim'City Lab :

The Biomim'City Lab is a working and prospective group led by a college of experts aiming to promote and intensify innovative collaborative approaches applying the principles and methodologies of biomimicry, in the service of the reinvention of virtuous, regenerative and resilient cities, inspired and designed by and for living things.


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