The heart of the François Sommer Foundation's action and raison d'être concerns the preservation, maintenance and exploitation of biodiversity, more specifically through wildlife and wild environments. The François Sommer Foundation thus works to demonstrate and demand the useful role of man on nature, and this through three levers and fields of action: "to love" nature, through artistic and cultural awareness; "to know", through scientific and academic partnerships; "to preserve", through the management and exploitation of the Belval estate and school in the Ardennes, but also of the Gilé national reserve in Mozambique.

Foundation recognised as being of public utility (FRUP) since its creation (decree of 30 November 1966)

François Sommer (1904-1973), its founder, is one of the pioneers of the implementation of a humanist ecology.

The François Sommer Foundation's NATURE POLE aims to contribute to the conservation of species and natural areas, including their intrinsic, cultural and aesthetic values, through the promotion of good management practices and the improvement of knowledge, in synergy with the various stakeholders.

Through its nature department, the François Sommer Foundation is involved in the study and protection of habitats, wild areas and species; it establishes partnerships and supports scientific studies related to the preservation of the environment; it finances training courses and observatories.

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