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Optimised Management: Urban Proteins, from natural to urban systems.

We struggle to accommodate pedestrians, bicycles, buses and cars in the small space of our cities. Yet natural systems can support densities of elements largely equivalent to those of our largest megacities, in an often infinitesimally small space, and with perfect control of their mobility. They are even capable, under the effect of disturbances such as internal (genetic mutations) or environmental changes, of adapting to maintain the mobility associated with a function. Their secret is the optimised management of shapes and arrangements of shapes in space to create customised empty spaces and thus supervise the desired mobility.



Can we, like natural systems, modify the shape of our buildings and their arrangement in urban space to have better control over mobility? To answer this question, two models of bio-inspired networks: a transport network and a building network.

The intervention of Claire Lesieur at Biomim'expo 2019 :

Presentation document:  Resume Go Pro Biomim 2018


Claire Lesieur
IXXI Complex Systems of Lyon, ENS-Lyon
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AMPERE Laboratory UMR5005-.
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