After co-founding her first agency OFF, Manal Rachdi founded her own agency Manal Rachdi OXO architects.

He created this new structure in order to develop architectural systems that transform research and analysis of practices, as well as certain theoretical issues, into driving forces for design.

He has collaborated with great names in contemporary architecture such as Duncan Lewis from 2003 to 2005, for whom he supervised the design and construction of the school complex in Obernai and the social housing in Valencia, Spain. He collaborated with the Dubesset Lyon agency on the winning projects for the Clermont-Ferrand Library and the office programme in Boulogne Billancourt. He joined Ateliers Jean Nouvel in 2007 and collaborated on the winning competitions for the Seoul Opera House and the Philharmonie de Paris project in 2008. He was the project manager for the winning competition for the mixed-use tower of the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2008, as well as for the development phases of the project. He also followed all the projects of the Jean Nouvel studios in the United States until 2009, when he returned to France to develop his own agency.

Since 2004, Manal Rachdi has received numerous national and international awards for her projects and collaborations. Through several award-winning projects, Manal Rachdi has established an international reputation as a pillar of the new generation of architects who combine sound analysis, playful experimentation, social responsibility and humour in their practice.

His international reputation has been built on his projects, which are highly avant-garde, both technically and programmatically, while being designed to use reasonable resources and costs. In addition to his architectural practice, he was an assistant professor at the Versailles School of Architecture.

Manal Rachdi's architectural production is very bold, but also shows a remarkable sensitivity to the context and the client's request.



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