At the crossroads of the Earth, Life and Human sciences, the Museum has devoted itself daily - and for nearly 400 years - to nature and its relationship with the human species. Rich in history and at the heart of current affairs, the Museum also works for the future.

Environmental awareness and the protection of the planet are at the heart of contemporary debates. Fully committed to these issues, the Museum is a reference point thanks to its varied missions: fundamental and applied research, conservation and enrichment of collections, teaching, expertise and dissemination of knowledge.

As a research centre, the Museum relies on laboratory work and expeditions throughout the world, a wide range of disciplines, exceptional collections and recognised expertise. Its mission is also to share its knowledge through teaching and dissemination activities. The aim is clear: to make knowledge about nature accessible to all and to raise awareness of the need to protect our planet.

The Museum is convinced of biomimicry and has been a supporter of both Ceebios and Biomim'expo since the beginning.

New: the Museum's new immersive film for a 360° dive into the Museum's great spaces via a virtual film.

The portrait page in the Biomim'BOOK 2021 :



A major survey of the Museum's research teams and subjects in the field of bio-inspiration is underway.

Your contact for all information is: Annabelle Aish