2022 maintains its format of large plenary sessions for institutional presentations, conferences, round tables and pitches ...  

The 2022 programme is underway but will be a continuation of previous editions.


9.30am - 9.45am [ OPENING


Launch of the 7th edition. 

>> Definition, news and trends of biomimicry, presentation of the programme.

Kalina RaskinGeneral Director of Ceebios

Alain RenaudinFounder of Biomim'expo, President and founder of NewCorp Conseil 


I am very happy to welcome Guillaume Lecointre to introduce the debates, conferences and reflections of our 7th edition of #Biomimexpo! Our era is indeed asking us questions about our future, and in order to answer them, we must undoubtedly reexamine our past, our evolution and our place in the middle of (and not above) the kingdom of life.

How do we 'reset' things so that we no longer see ourselves as a separate or superior species but rather 'reintegrate' ourselves into the living world; what is evolution and what are the great lessons to be learned from it; what are these famous 'great principles' of life, which we like to think of as the specifications for performance and resilience?

These are all fundamental questions for laying the foundations of a method, a state of mind and a work of reflection and innovation on the paths of #biomimicry. Drawing inspiration from living beings to innovate and rethink our own future as a species is undoubtedly first and foremost a matter of reconsidering our rightful place and our interconnections and cousinship with all living beings.

... this is where biomimicry takes us and invites us and this is also where it becomes dizzying and brilliant! Thank you very much in advance, dear Guillaume, for this introduction in the form of both a compass and a questioning...

Some recommendations from recent books:

📚 " A Critical Guide to Evolution 2nd edition "Under the direction of Guillaume Lecointre, published by Belin Education.

📚 " The living world "Bruno David, Guillaume Lecointre - with France Culture and the National Museum of Natural History - published by Grasset.

The programme is under construction. We will address the theme of the OCEANas a source of inspiration, but also as a major concern and a promising field for experimentation on regenerative approaches of marine biodiversity; we will talk about the fabulous world of insects and other sources of inspiration at the nanoscale level; we will show how much the plants have to teach us, both in terms of organisation and structure; we will see how the reconnection of Man to Life is also a question of health as this contact does us good, physiologically and psychologically; we will also talk about the prodigious capacity of living beings to produce materialsand through frugal ingenuity ...

Biomimicry is developing, being structured, attracting talent, projects and capital, so we will talk about the economics of biomimicry we will make public the first Biomim'Invest report, which will take stock of the fundraising activities of Biomim Deeptech startups and talk to some of the entrepreneurs about their journeys; we will talk about the crucial issue of symbiotic interactionsof the life of the soil but also of the vitality of these exchanges for us, in our body, on our skin; The City will not be outdone, as every year, the main topic of Biomim'expo, how to rethink our habitat as a species, how to move from urban vegetation to cities of biodiversity, designed to live in cohabitation between Man and the rest of the living world; we will talk about information intelligenceWe will look at how the living are so much more powerful and efficient in this 'information energy' essential to life; we will return to the expectations of the new generation of graduates and their expectations and visions for the future, especially in their relationship with companies; we will highlight the crucial link between biodiversity and climateWe will also take advantage of the Biomim'expo forum to have teachers and researchers launch an appeal and testify to the fact that the living world is a model, but above all a solution. the erosion of science education and biology and the disastrous cascading effects on our relationship with living things and our ability to know and recognize them; and we will project ourselves towards the future to show the current and promising trends and developments to invent the world and France of tomorrow...

As usual, this will be done through various testimonies from researchers, explorers, philosophers, anthropologists, entomologists, biologists, startups, R&D and CSR managers, etc.