Urbanleaf, the aquaponics specialist

UrbanLeaf designs self-sustaining ecosystems combining aquaculture and hydroponics.
Whether indoors, outdoors, on the ground or on the roof, there is an aquaponics system to suit everyone, from the decorative and fun indoor mini aquaponics garden to the innovative and functional greenhouse for food production of plants and fish.

At Urbanleaf, we believe that everyone has a role to play in making the world a better place. Our modes of food production and consumption are too greedy of natural resources such as water, soil and energy. It is becoming urgent to reinvent agriculture in a more sustainable and socially responsible way.

Urbanleaf and each of its employees have an important responsibility towards society and the future of our planet. We build our company spirit around respect for people and the environment to make Urbanleaf an exemplary company in constant evolution.

Created in 2015, in Dijon, Urbanleaf is one of the pioneers of aquaponics in France. We offer turnkey aquaponics gardens on our online shop, we design custom-made spaces thanks to our urban agriculture design and consulting office specialised in aquaponics and we offer animations and training in the use of these systems.

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Marie Fiers, Founder, marie.fiers@urban-leaf.com

Stéphane Pelletier, stephane.pelletier@urban-leaf.com

Justin Wauquier, justin.wauquier@urban-leaf.com