Nature inspired display material

Have you ever wished your mobile phone display was unbreakable? Researchers from ETH Zurich imitate materials from nature to create transparent materials with high fracture resistance.

Here is a short video :


Mr Tommaso Magrini

Student / Doctorate Programme at D-MATL


ETH Zürich

Tommaso Magrini

Complex Materials

HCI G 530

Vladimir-Prelog-Weg 1-5/10

8093 Zürich


  • +41 44 633 66 94
  • (Alt.) +41 78 667 67 12
  • 0000-0002-6075-7625


ALPHANOV is the New Aquitaine Technology Resource Centre specialising in optics and photonics.

We have been developing surface functionalization processes based on the fabrication of bio-inspired nanostructures by laser machining and texturing for several years. We are able to modify the surfaces of various materials (metals, plastics, glasses, crystals) to modify their optical reflectivity properties (from black to a holographic effect), bio-contamination, wettability or to improve their tribological performance.

Technological support :

From setting up collaborative projects to technological support for company creation, ALPhANOV assists you in your industrial projects.

Thanks to close relationships with research laboratories (LOMA, CELIA, LP2N, IMS, Trèfle, XLIM ...) and local photonic companies, ALPhANOV is involved throughout the innovation process:

  • Setting up collaborative projects: search for academic or industrial partners, consortium organisation, financial engineering.
  • Industrialization : ALPhANOV provides its partners with engineering skills to help them in the design and production phases of industrial products.
  • Starting a business : ALPhANOV provides entrepreneurs with a professional and technological environment in which to share ideas and solutions, validate concepts and develop prototypes.

ALPhANOV works in perfect synergy with other regional and national industrial development support actors:

  • the ALPHA - Route des Lasers & des Hyperfréquences competitiveness cluster;
  • Aquitaine's technology parks, which provide strategic support for business creation, in particular Bordeaux Unitec;
  • the SEML Route des Lasers capable of meeting the real estate needs specific to the sector;
  • Aquitaine Science Transfert is responsible for technology transfer between laboratories and industry;
  • the ministry of research ;
  • Bpifrance;
  • the Regional Council of New Aquitaine and all the local authorities involved in the financing of industrial projects.